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Cortina 2021 and Prosecco DOC celebrate the history of the World Championships

#Throwbackthursday: The thrill felt on the snowy slopes of the Worlds and the sparkling freshness of Italy’s most popular bubbles, is a combination of quality and passion, which brings together, around the values of sport, Prosecco DOC and the Alpine Skiing World Championships Cortina 2021 currently taking place (February 7 to 21, 2021).

Cortina 2021 and Prosecco DOC celebrate the history of the World Championships - Article10022021 ProseccoXcortina RS 1

In order to honor this partnership, 100% Made in Italy, Prosecco DOC has launched the #ThrowbackThursday project, a weekly series, broadcast every Thursday on social networks, which allows you to relive some of the most emblematic moments in the history of the Championships. of the alpine skiing world. Archival images and exclusive testimonials are present to offer a fascinating journey through time.

Gustav Thöni, Kristian Ghedina (Ambassador of Cortina 2021), Giorgio Rocca and Julia Mancuso, are the four legends of international skiing participating in the project. They reveal anecdotes and personal memories and share with the public and fans new aspects of the races, in order to transmit them the incredible adrenaline of these moments. Between the Olympic Winter Games in Sapporo in 1972 and the World Championships in Schladming in 2013, the four champions collected 16 medals, writing unforgettable pages in the history of the sport.

Their stories are broadcast on social media in short, punchy video clips that last only for the duration of a descent, to captivate and engage viewers in the #ThrowbackThursday project. In addition, on Prosecco Doc’s platforms, more in-depth and detailed content (with videos in their long form) is made available exclusively for the most passionate. This project is being developed jointly and simultaneously on the official digital platforms of the two partners, Cortina 2021 and Prosecco DOC.

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