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3 typical dishes from Calabria

Food in Calabria accompanies religious festivals and family gatherings, with hearty lunches and dinners. Typical dishes mix the traditions of land with those of sea: deli meats and cheeses, with vegetable dishes and desserts.

Stocco alla Mammolese

3 typical dishes from Calabria - stocco alla mammolese

Stocco alla Mammolese is a fish-based dish, made with stockfish or dried cod. In this recipe, the fish is mixed with Sila potatoes, olives, onions and peppers. The dish is usually served in a bowl.

Pipi Chini

3 typical dishes from Calabria - peperoni

Pipi chini are typical stuffed peppers. To prepare, simply empty the peppers and fill them with a mixture of bread crumbs, Provola cheese and mortadella in cubes, small tomatoes, ground pork, grated Parmigiano, parsley and capers.


3 typical dishes from Calabria - Pittule cu li fiuri ti cucuzza

Zippuli are a traditional dish prepared during the Christmas period. They are balls of dough fried in hot oil. Although there are also prepared in other parts of Southern Italy, in Calabria, they are served empty or stuffed with ‘nduja, anchovies and salted cod (baccalà).