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4 places to discover in Puglia

Puglia boasts a rich history going back more than 250,000 years, as evidenced by the bones of the Altamura Man, a Neanderthal skeleton discovered in the cave of Lamalunga, near Altamura. In addition to its millennial history, this region is characterized by breathtaking views and a rich culinary tradition.

Caves of Castellana

4 places to discover in Puglia - Grotte di Castellana

The caves of Castellana are a complex of karstic origin located in the province of Bari. These caves, which cover about 3km, were explored for the first time in 1938, but several caves still remain unexplored to this day.  A visit of the caves, which covers about 1km, starts from Garve, where the entrance is located,  and leads down to Bianca cave, the deepest one.

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Alta Murgia National Park

4 places to discover in Puglia - Foresta Mercadante

The Alta Murgia National Park is a natural protected area in the provinces of Bari and Barletta-Andria-Trani. The Mercadante forest is one of its main attractions, a completely artificial forest planted near Bari after flooding.


4 places to discover in Puglia - Ostuni

Ostuni, also known as the White City, is located in the province of Brindisi. Its name comes from its white buildings in the historic center, all painted with lime. Founded in Roman times, it still retains vestiges of this era, alongside its Gothic, baroque and late Renaissance churches, and modern palaces.

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Tremiti Island

4 places to discover in Puglia - Isole Tremiti

The Tremiti Islands are an archipelago of the Adriatic Sea, a few kilometres from the coast of Gargano. Composed of 5 islands, 3 of which are uninhabited, the archipelago is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Puglia and compose the Natural Marine Reserve of the Tremiti Islands, where you will find many animal and plant species.

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