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Visit Trieste, enjoy the melting pot of cultures

Trieste is a fascinating city of art overlooking the sea and surrounded by a suggestive karst plateau. Some Italian influences mixed with Slovenian traditions make Trieste a city to explore and admire in the Veneto region!

The historic center offers many testimonies of history and art, including the Arco Riccardo and the Roman theatre, the fourteenth-century cathedral of San Giusto, adorned with mosaics and the castle of San Giusto. A particular charm emanates from Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, clearly Viennese in character, surrounded on three sides by neoclassical buildings, while the fourth side opens onto the sea.

Trieste is a city full of wonder with its monuments dating back to different eras, the historic cafes, once the preferred meeting spots for successful writers, the port and the imposing Art Nouveau architecture. Do not miss the imposing Victory Lighthouse, which stands on the Gretta hill, a modern monument in white stone from Vrsar, dedicated to the fallen of the First World War.

The historic Opicina tram, which connects the center of Trieste with the locality of Villa Opicina, climbing the karst plateau between suggestive gradients, offers an unique panoramic route with an even broader view of the gulf and the city. Along the coast, you can admire three ancient castles, all located in magnificent panoramic positions: the castle of Duino, surrounded by a large park with terraces and avenues, the splendid castle of Miramare in white Istrian stone that stands out against the blue water ​, and finally the Muggia castle, located in a picturesque town in the Italian territory of Istria overlooking the sea.

Trieste has a connection to one of the most beloved sparkling white wines in the world: the Prosecco DOC. One of Trieste’s nearby towns is called Prosecco. Along with other nearby small towns, this village has a characteristic appearance with stone houses and the “osmize”. These small towns are often home to typical trattorias where you can taste local wines and typical products.

Trieste, city, culture, art, visit, explore, discover, Veneto, ville, Vénétie, vister, explorer

Trieste, city, culture, art, visit, explore, discover, Veneto, ville, Vénétie, vister, explorer

What to do in Trieste:

Sea and karst landscapes offer, in the territory of Trieste, ample possibilities for excursions in uncontaminated environments. Walking enthusiasts can follow the so-called “Rilke’s Path”: the path dedicated to the poet winds from Duino to Sistiana along the scenic cliffs of the Duino Falesie Nature Reserve.