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Pordenone, Discover the creative city

Pordenone is one of the flagship towns in the territory of Prosecco DOC, the most famous sparkling white wine in the world.

The province of Pordenone is located in the western area of ​​Friuli Venezia Giulia, on the border with Veneto, enclosed between the Carnic Prealps and the plains surrounded by the Tagliamento and Livenza rivers. The Pordenone area crosses valleys, hills and plains offering a great variety of landscapes and enchanting sceneries.


The mountains, of a Dolomite nature, have impenetrable gorges, narrow and deep valleys and host tourist resorts of strong appeal, including the modern and well-equipped area of ​​Piancavallo. Typical landscapes of the foothills are the “magredi”, impressive expanses of gravel and pebbles, views that have remained unchanged over the centuries that envelop, in a timeless atmosphere, characteristic villages such as Cordenons, San Quirino, Vivaro, and Zoppola.

Spectacular karst phenomena such as the Gorgazzo river sources can be admired in the hilly and flat area. The river is famous for its turquoise and blue water.

Protected areas of particular importance are the Regional Park of the Friulian Dolomites, well known for its beauty, the Naturalistic Park of San Floriano, characteristic for its natural landscapes, and the Noncello River Park that crosses the city of Pordenone.

In addition to the natural attractions, the province contains characteristic villages and art treasures that blend the Friulian culture with Venetian and Austrian influences. There are also many testimonies of the past: from the prehistoric site of Palù della Santissima to the city of Pordenone, from the village of Sacile to the castle of Spilimbergo. Signs of a complex history are everywhere.

This land has also unmistakable flavours: the local gastronomic traditions, the authenticity of the typical products and a wide range of wines, which will satisfy every form of gluttony.