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Casa Artusi

Casa Artusi was the very first centre of gastronomic culture to be established, devoted entirely to Italian home cooking.

Casa Artusi was founded in the name of gastronomist from Forlimpopoli, Pellegrino Artusi (Forlimpopoli 1820-Florence 1911), whos cooking manual La Scienza in Cucina e l’Arte di Mangiar Bene (Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well) can be found in many homes, both in Italy and abroad.

Pellegrino Artusi is considered the father of modern gastronomy was born in Forlimpopoli in 1820 and devoted his life to spreading Italian language, culture and cuisine throughout the world.

After completing his studies, he began working for his father’s business which allowed him to travel to many different regions throughout the Italian peninsula.

Between 1851 and 1852 the Artusi family left Forlimpopoli and moved to Florence. As a wealthy man, at the age of 45 Artusi was able to concentrate full-time on his passions, which were Italian culture and cuisine, full-time. He died in Florence at the age of 91 in 1911.

Casa Artusi Cookery School is open both for food lovers aiming to improve their cooking ability, and professionals wanting to better their skills in a variety of disciplines of cooking.

Some of the most important names in the restaurant and catering industries collaborate with Casa Artusi and its professional teachers to coach participants using their expert knowledge of domestic cookery.

The cultural Associazione delle Mariette has the invaluable task of teaching traditional local home cooking, including fresh, homemade pasta and piadina (the local flat bread).

All of Casa Artusi’s courses feature a cultural introduction and an in-depth study of the quality of the ingredients used.