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Discover the Daunia area of Puglia

The Daunia area is the green heart of the Puglia region of Italy. The diverse landscapes of the area include wild and rocky coasts of Gargano as well and meadows and valleys which are rich in history dating back to antiquity.

For many centuries this land has been the center of trade and culture across many civilizations including the Romans, the Saracens, and the Spanish, which have all left their marks on the architecture. From Ascoli Satriano, to Troia, to Lucera, the small villages of this area represent a journey through time and are a true expression of authentic Italy.

The food and wine heritage of Daunia is rich and varied. Firstly, the typical extra virgin olive oil of the area, called Dauno DOP is divided into 4 sub-areas: Alto Tavoliere, Basso Tavoliere, Gargano and Subappennino.

Wine also plays a fundamental role in the region. The main grape is the Uva di Troia, often blended with Montepulciano, Bombino Nero, Sangiovese. For the white grapes there is mainly white Bombino, Malvasia and Trebbiano. The excellent wine Cacc’e Mmitte DOC has an aftertaste of pomegranate, which pairs excellently with a dish of cavatelli, handmade with durum wheat burned on the fire, which is a typical product of the region.

Even the cured meats and cheeses are a delicacy to be savoured, such as the Canestrato Pugliese DOP cheese that is aged in typical baskets, strictly handcrafted, with a very strong flavor due to the dried lamb rennet combined with with dried orange peels, lemon and nettle leaves. And if you want to taste something sweet, you can discover the typical Ostia Ripiena, which are wafers hosts stuffed with toasted almonds and caramelized honey.