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Discovering Tuscany’s thermal baths, paradise on earth

Tuscany is a region renowned worldwide for its many excellences: wines, gourmet food, art and hospitality.

The latter, in fact, attracts thousands of tourists each year to Tuscany, thanks to the famous agriturismi and spas, which are spread throughout the region.


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The first thermal area we suggest is Saturnia, in the province of Grosseto, which has unique features. The rain water, after coursing through the depths, starting from the bowels of the Amiata mountain, take about 40 years to filter through the micro-crevices of cavernous limestone, while a clay cover, 60 meters in thickness, isolates it from contact with the outside. This is how the rock water, pure, but enriched by a high concentration of salt and natural gas, only sees the light in the thermal water pool, located in the center of the resort, with a constant temperature of 37.5 ° C. A flow of close to 500 liters per second allows the complete renewal of the pool every 4 hours, for a total of 6 times per day.


Another not to be missed term is Petriolo, on the border between Civitella Paganico and Monticiano, near the towns of Siena and Grosseto. Located inside the Natural Reserve of Basso Merse, on the banks of the Farma River and immersed in a beautiful hilly landscape, this former spa used since the time of the Romans for its beneficial healing properties, became, over the centuries, the preferred destination of famous people. Even Pope Pius II Piccolomini repeatedly went to find comfort from the pains he suffered. Petriolo’s thermal waters, thanks to the presence of hydrogen sulfide, are particularly recommended for those who have respiratory problems.

Bagno Vignoni

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The Bagno Vignoni thermal baths, located in the heart of Tuscany and appreciated since the time of the Romans for its healing powers to the bone and toning apparatus at the level of the skin, are characterized by a water rich in mineral salts, calcium, iron, sodium sulfate and magnesium carbonate. Bagno Vignoni, in Val d’Orcia, a few kilometres from Siena, is a village that is unique in the world. In fact, in its central square there is a large medieval basin where water, straight from the source, slowly fumes, creating a magical atmosphere. Absolutely not to be missed!

Bagni San Filippo

Discovering Tuscany’s thermal baths, paradise on earth - bagno san filippo resized

Moreover, in the South of Tuscany, between Val d’Orcia and Mount Amiata, stands another small thermal village: Bagni San Filippo, famous since ancient times for its thermal waters that have created a magical landscape. This territory, thanks to its geographical position and its low population density, still looks natural and wild. There are also the Whale Waterfall, a huge block of limestone composed of sediments from thermal waters, whose waters mix with the river giving it a blue white color in contrast with the surrounding woods.

Montecatini Terme

Finally, we suggest you visit Montecatini Terme, an area nominated to be added among the Unesco heritage site. Here, it is possible to relax in the many spas and thermal baths. In fact, there are many sources of water, of various types, capable of providing either therapeutic treatments or aesthetic and relaxing treatments.

One can thus consider this territory, and the Tuscan region in general, as one of the most important thermal basins of Europe. In fact, the thermal baths are a pillar of the culture and history of civilization, since we can purify ourselves, relax, socialize and get in touch with our body and mind.