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Incredible natural hot spring to discover in Italy

Italy offers endless possibilities for entertainment and relaxation, to the delight of travelers. Many Italian territories are home to real hot water baths, little paradises accessible for for recharging your batteries. Immerse yourself in these natural thermal waters that spring from the earth!

Discover our selection, among the most incredible natural spas in Italy !

Terme di Saturnia in Toscana

Incredible natural hot spring to discover in Italy - hotspringitaly bormio saturnia1

According to legend the Terme di Saturnia were created during a fight between the gods Saturn and Jupiter when Jupiter’s thunderbolt accidentally hit the ground. Located in the heart of Tuscany in the town of Mulino, these springs are among the best known in Italy. The sulphurous waters, which spring from the ground at a temperature of 37 °, form natural travertine (form of limestone deposited by mineral springs) as well as a small waterfall. In summer, the place is very popular and busy.

Bullicame, Viterbo’s hot springs

Incredible natural hot spring to discover in Italy - hotspringitaly bullicame

Located in Viterbo, the Bullicame springs are among the most famous, due to the many therapeutic virtues of thermal water. In addition to being a place of well-being, they are also a historical and cultural attraction. There is a crater where water and mud come to the surface between boiling, gas bubbles, splashes and vapors. The waters are so warm that you can swim in them in winter.

Bagni San Filippo ( Toscana) 

Incredible natural hot spring to discover in Italy - hotspringitaly bormio bain san filippo

The Bagni San Filippo are located in Castaglione d´Orcia in the province of Siena on the eastern skirts of Mount Amiata. Nestled in the middle of the woods and in the middle of calcified waterfalls, the place is surreal. This landscape topped with a characteristic limestone formation resembles a snow-capped glacier. It is a series of waterfalls and small pools, in which the water temperature can range from 30 ° to over 40 °. The chemical composition of water is particularly beneficial for treating dermatological diseases, rheumatism and respiratory diseases.

Vulcano mud baths and hot spring in Sicily 

Incredible natural hot spring to discover in Italy - hotspringitaly vulcano sicily

Located in the northeast of Sicily, in the Aeolian Archipelago, the small island of Vulcano offers hot mud baths and fumaroles particularly famous for their beneficial effects on the skin, the respiratory tract and articulations. The mud baths are divided in three areas: the “Pozza” which offers a mud area characterized by countless bubbles with sulphuric fumes and brackish water, the “Acque Calde” that is an area rich in hot waters, and the “Fumarole”, receipts of air that are considered very healing for asthma and respiratory problems. A real free open-air spa!