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Emilia Romagna presented through 4 culinary excellences

Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, Lambrusco and tortellini: four specialties renowned throughout the world. In this blog, we will discover Emilia Romagna through the riches of its land, their history and the best way to enjoy them at the table!

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

Emilia Romagna presented through 4 culinary excellences - parmesan

Parmigiano Reggiano is a DOP cheese produced since the Middle Ages, when the first caselli appeared, which were small buildings where milk was processed.

The cheese can be eaten in slices or grated, served as an hors-d’oeuvres (accompanied simply with bread) or served as an appetizer with a good glass of wine, jams and fresh fruit, pasta and salads.

Balsamic vinegar of Modena

Emilia Romagna presented through 4 culinary excellences - asparagus

Balsamic vinegar is a special condiment the color of licorice and with a syrupy texture.  It is produced in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia, and tastes sweet and sour, at the same time.

It all started on the properties belonging to the noble Estensi Family, when they began to modify their home-made vinegars to make them tastier, by adding liquoricevanillarose and rosemary,  thus creating, over centuries, the renowned “vinegar of Modena”.

Balsamic vinegar can be enjoyed with all dishes, from appetizers to desserts: in salads, meats and fish, cheeses, desserts and fruit (especially strawberries, peaches and tropical fruit).


Emilia Romagna presented through 4 culinary excellences - lambrusco

If it didn’t exist, it would have to be invented! Emilian cuisine would not be the same without the Lambrusco, a very nice sparkling wine, which is also the biggest seller in Italy.

Lambrusco is recognizable from the very first sip: the scents of red fruit leave no doubt. It goes well with robust foods, such as pork meat, sausages and lamb; it is fantastic when served with local cheeses.

It is also an essential ingredient in the preparation of traditional Emilian dishes, like zampone and sausage. You  must also try the Lambrusco risotto and pasta.


Emilia Romagna presented through 4 culinary excellences - tortellini

Tortellini are egg-based stuffed pasta, typical of Modenese and Bolognese cuisine, which are best served in broth. These tasty pasta rings contain a stuffing mixture of meat with ham, eggs, parmesan and nutmeg.

There are numerous legends about the origins of this pasta. One of them says that the owner of an inn was so struck by the beauty of the navel of one of his guests, which he furtively saw while peeking through a keyhole,  that he wanted to reproduce the navel in a culinary dish.