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Finocchiona IGP

Finocchiona IGP is one of Tuscany’s most famous and celebrated salamis. The salami has a deep and rich history in the region, so much so that it has been recognized as an IGP product. Finocchiona IGP’s traditional methods of production are deeply intertwined with Tuscany itself and was even enjoyed by members Medici family and Leonardo Da Vinci. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages, where the farmers decided to replace expensive and rare black pepper with fennel seeds which were perfect to flavour the meat. Wild fennel is a common aromatic herb in Tuscany that gives the typical and unique taste to Finocchiona IGP.

All the steps for the production of Finocchiona IGP are strictly regulated,it is only produced with high quality pork meat, all bred in Italy. Some additional ingredients include salt, black pepper, garlic and eventually red wine. It’s truly in the seasoning where all the unique flavours of Finocchiona IGP develop, creating intense notes of salt, fennel, spices and freshness. For its versatility, Finocchiona IGP is a perfect pairing with lots of dishes, from hors d’oeuvre to main dishes. Finocchiona IGP offers its unique taste for every occasion.