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Garda Lake, the biggest lake of Italy

For those looking to escape the city and embrace nature, Veneto provides a wealth of opportunity. Home to one of the largest lakes in Italy, Lago di Garda, acts as a great alternative to some of the busier lakes in neighboring Lombardia. Located between the pre-Alpine belt and the Po valley, Lake Garda belongs to three regions, TrentinoLombardy and Veneto. Riviera degli Ulivi is also the name which the Venetian shore is commonly referred to.

Adventure seekers can engage in a multitude of sports, with the lake catering to everything from hiking to mountain biking and parasailing.

This splendid lake, as well as unspoiled nature and crystal clear water, now guarantees, even in winter, an unusually mild climate for northern Italy. This is why the production of olive oil, 4 types of wines, local products based on freshwater fish offer unique aromas and flavors throughout the year. Lake Garda is a concentrate of everything that the Veneto, the land of Venice can offer.

It is the biggest lake of Italy that offers enchanting views and villages that make everyone fall in love. The beaches and the waters of the lake and the mountains that surround it offer many possibilities for sports and outdoor activities. Its castles and its medieval villages fascinate with their history and their strange legends, enchant the typical foods cooked in the kitchens of local restaurants.

The tour of the lake for 160 km  can be done in 4-5 hours by car and 7-8 ore by bike, to have a very slow holiday to really enjoy and admire the beauty of this area. A trip from 2 to 5 days is really recommended to discover all the jewels of this area. Here there are some suggestions!