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Riva del Garda: THE travel destination on the lake

A favourite destination for hikers and those who enjoys long walks, Riva del Garda offers numerous opportunities to relax. Let’s take a tour of this charming lakeside town.

Walk along the lake

In Riva del Garda, you will face an explosion of colours: the blue of the sky, the green of the Mediterranean vegetation, white sandy beaches, the steep walls of the mountains that plunge abruptly into a cobalt-blue Lake. Enjoy this colorful scenery while relaxing on the beach or along the Lake, and let yourself be caressed by the Sun’s rays.

Historic City center

The streets of the old town offer tourists hundreds of storefronts, cafés along the Lake, gardens and parks. In particular, Piazza III Novembre, with its bars and restaurants, is one of the most beautiful piazzas in the city. Surrounded by medieval arcades, the piazza opens on the Palazzo Pretorio, the 14th century City Hall and the Apponale Tower: take the time to visit them!

The Bastione

The Bastione is of stone guardian of Riva del Garda, a white fortification on a hill in the woods. Dating back to the 16th century, it was the cornerstone of the defense of the city, due to its strategic location. The 200 m are accessible by a road shaded by lush vegetation. Bring your camera when you climb to the top: you’ll need it to take great panoramic pictures of the coastline and the Alto Garda.

Boat tours and water sports

It is from Riva del Garda that the characteristic boats which are moored in many villages of the coast, including in Sirmione, depart for cruises and excursions. The wind is the source of joy for thousands of surfers: all water sports, such as windsurfing and sailing, are practiced in Riva, as well as rock climbing, hiking and other types of extreme sports… for the more adventurous among you!

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