A taste of Emilia-Romagna: Parma – Castelli dei Ducato – Bardi

A taste of Emilia-Romagna: Parma – Castelli dei Ducato – Bardi

Duration of the itinerary: 2 days and 1 overnight stay


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If you want to stay in a fairy tale, then the village of Bardi, is the right place for you! Dominated by the spectacular grandeur of its famous Castle, Bardi is a summer resort in a panoramic position, an ideal starting point for pleasant excursions in the tranquility of greenery. The majesty of the castle, the valleys that extend along the horizon, the tranquility that characterizes the village are fundamental ingredients for those who want to relax. Bardi is known for its fortress, built for more than a thousand years on a spur of red jasper, which overlooks the course of the river Ceno and depicts the testimony of its medieval past.

In the dairies of the valley only milk collected in the municipalities of Val Ceno is processed. The cheese produced with milk collected in the mountain area is part of the fine production of “Parmigiano Reggiano di Montagna”. The cheese acquires a strong but balanced taste that recalls floral and fruity notes of mountain pastures, to enrich every culinary creation.

Among the most exquisite dishes there are Tortelli stuffed with every ingredient: herb, potatoes, pumpkin and many others. Obviously seasoned with Mountain Parmigiano Reggiano, Black Truffle or mushroom sauce. These three mountain symbols are used to season many other dishes such as rice or gnocchi.


We will leave in the morning in the direction of Bardi. Free lunch along the road and then in the afternoon we will visit a farm that produces Parmigiano Reggiano. The visit lasts about an hour and consists of a visit to the company and a tasting of 2-3 different types of cheese accompanied by a glass of wine.

In the evening, dinner in a typical restaurant in the area to taste local foods including tortelli.

Overnight in the village of Bardi and the next morning, a visit to the Castle of Bardi.

The castles of the Duchy in this area are about 30 and with this visit you can have a journey through time letting yourselves be enchanted by the history of past dynasties.

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