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The highest cultivated olives in the world

Oil from Trentino can be defined as the highest extra virgin olive oil in the world. Indeed, the area where the olive oil is produced is the highest in the world, located above the 46th parallel.

More than 1,500 olive growers produce about 2 500 quintals of oil annually (70% of which is intended for self-consumption) with a single prerogative: quality.  The production area spans approximately 500 hectares, mostly in Alto Garda and a little in Bassa Vallagarina, particularly between Borghetto and Mori (often inaccessible and unsuitable land for wine production).

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The landscape of Alto Garda has been characterized by the culture of the olive tree since ancient times, as evidenced by olive seeds found in a burial site near Riva del Garda, dating back to the first century of our era.  More recently, in the Middle Ages, there are many documents that attest to the presence of olive tree and their economic importance for the region of Sarca.  Testimonials from the early ‘ 900 describe thousands of plants which “brighten up” the hills in front of Lake Garda with their green foliage. Even today, the olive tree remains an economic resource and an integral part of the landscape of Alto Garda.

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Not all the oils available on the market are the same, as can be seen with the 46 protected denominations of origin (PDO) on the national territory.  The main distinctive organoleptic characteristics of Alto Garda olive oil are green almonds, artichoke and cut herbs.  It is a balanced, fluid oil, with great finesse of aroma and a good homogeneity within the territory; this is in great deal thanks to the attention that all of the production chain (olive growers, pressers and technicians) give to the quality.

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The peculiarities of the Alto Garda oil are determined by the characteristics of the Casaliva variety of olive (the most cultivated variety) and the climate of Basso Sarca, a unique climate oasis in Northern Italy.  Indeed, the National Institute of health in Rome conducted a research that confirms the uniqueness of the Garda olive oil, also in terms of nutrition.

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