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Three monuments from Marche worth seeing for art lovers

Which cities from the Marche region deserve to be visited? If you like art and culture, we offer you a route in three stages, where you will discover the most evocative monuments of this region.

In Italy, each region is a discovery. Today we invite you to the Marche region, with a visit of three beautiful cities with a rich history: Macerata, Urbino and Ancona.

Sferisterio de Macerata

Three monuments from Marche worth seeing for art lovers - sferisferio macerata

The Sferisterio of Macerata is a unique theatrical structure, which is greatly appreciated by musicians from around the world for the quality of its acoustics.

The Sferisterio owes its name to its original use: it was created as a place where they played ball with a bracelet, an ancient sport (“sferistico“, which means with a ball).

With a maximum capacity of about 2,800 seats, it’s been known since 1921 for its opera performances, which take place during the summer season.

Doge’s Palace

Three monuments from Marche worth seeing for art lovers - urbino

You certainly shouldn’t miss a visit to the beautiful city of Urbino, a jewel from the Renaissance, whose historic center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Also take time to visit the Doge’s Palace, which houses one of the largest collections of Italian Renaissance art: the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, with the works of Piero della Francesca, Tiziano, Raffaello.

Duomo di San Ciriaco

Three monuments from Marche worth seeing for art lovers - ancona san ciriaco

How to leave the regional capital! Take a walk, starting at the city port, and pass by the Arch of Traiano, from where you can see the Duomo di San Ciriaco, one of the symbols of Ancona.

The Duomo, of Byzantine and Roman style, is located in a superb location, on the Colle Guasco, and overlooks the city and its Bay.

This monument is renowned not only for its architectural value, but also for the so-called “Miracle Mariano di San Ciriaco”.

According to legend, on the evening of June 25, 1796, the painting of the Virgin Mary, a gift to the Duomo of Ancona from a Venetian sailor in gratitude for rescuing his son of a stormy sea, opened her eyes and smiled.

The miracle has been interpreted as protection of the city from the sky, against the Napoleonic threat.