The Condè winery is located in the hills of Predappio within the historic cradle of the Italian Sangiovese, in Emilia Romagna. The estate has 110 acres, 77 of which are planted with vineyards.

In 2001 Francesco Condello decided to establish the Condè and leave the finance industry in which he worked successfully to devote himself to his passion: winemaking. His desire led him to re-launch the production of the authentic Sangiovese di Predappio which had been partially abandoned in recent years.

Today the Condé estate has 110 acres of land, 77 of which are planted with vineyards: 73 hectares are planted with Sangiovese and 4 with Merlot. The choice of variety was made following the soil’s traditions and characteristics with a certain complexity and geological variety. Condé believes that great wine is born in the vineyard; the wine is made from working the fields manually from pruning to harvesting and selecting only the best grapes worthy to obtain the Condé label.

Respect for the environment is a fundamental value for the Condé winery. For this reason, the company has decided to perform according to the principles of integrated pest management and sustainable viticulture. Since 2011 Condé Winery embraced the Magis project, one of the most advanced globally for sustainable wine production and now uses only clean energy for the business.

Condé wines are patiently worked following tradition and passion in detail, they are only put on the market when they are considered ready and the tannin is essential to retain them as such. Every year more than a thousand bottles are protected and set aside, to become our historical reserve.


Borgo Condé Wine Resort in Forlì. 

The Borgo Condé Wine Resort is situated on the beautiful hills of Forlì, where guests can experience a unique contact with nature.

Suites or historic villas that look down over the hills are available at the resort. The Borgo Condé food is varied, thanks to the 3 restaurants, and respects the typical tradition of the Emilia Romagna Region, tasty and flavorful.

Walking among the vineyards, guests will find the Spa,


The winery was designed to be the place where steel technology merges with the traditions of the wood, looking for the perfect balance of the elements: manwork here plays the role of helping nature, in a discreet accompaniment. Everything is designed to preserve and enhance the great work done in the vineyard and the richness of the land.

The winery organize guided tours and offer the opportunity to taste the wines of the production.

Taste the Wines

Condè Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore 2011

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