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The Drei Donà estate is located in the ancient Romagna hills between the towns of Forlì, Castrocaro and Predappio.

The property has been in the hands of the Drei Donà family since the last century. Although it has always been dedicated to producing Sangiovese grapes, it has undergone a radical transformation under the present owner, Count Claudio Drei Donà.

After acquiring a law degree and working in the insurance industry, Count Drei Donà, together with his son Enrico, has dedicated his efforts solely to the property, decisively guiding its activities towards increasingly high objectives.

Most of the 23 hectares of vineyards are planted with Sangiovese grapes, which were indigenous to the property. These old vines have been studied, selected and propagated to maintain La Palazza’s original clones.

All the 23 hectars are run under organic agriculture and most of them are planted with Sangiovese grapes whose selection comes from careful research and restoration of our historic Sangiovese clones: hence are born the classic Predappio Doc “Notturno”, the Riserva “Vigna del Pruno” and, only in the best years, the exclusive “Graf Noir” today dedicated to our Founder. In the mid 80s alongside these vines Claudio Drei Donà, being a true pioneer, planted the first mixed-clone vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon in Romagna and another new vineyard of Chardonnay and Riesling. From this futurist vision were born “Il Tornese”- the first great white wine from international varieties ever planted in Romagna and  “Magnificat” – a single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon out of that first old historical vineyard planted in 1984.




  • Notturno Predappio Romagna DOC
  • Magnificat
  • Le Vie Nuove
  • Riserva Palazza
  • White

  • Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut
  • Il Tornese
  • The ‘La Palazza’ farmhouse was built around a watchtower constructed by Caterina Sforza in 1481 in a strategic position on the gentle slopes of Massa di Vecchiazzano to defend her lands.


    Visit and discover the Drei Donà philosophy. Immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery offered by the hills of Predappio: the fields, vineyards, maritime pines, and olive trees.

    Walk through thevineyards, among the bunches of grapes that ripen slowly in the sun and visit the winery, where the wines patiently refine.

    Guided tours are available, by appointment only, in Italian and English. The tour includes a visit to the vineyards and historic cellars, followed by a guided tasting of three wines, 2 of which are reserves, accompanied by some specialties of the Vineria.

    Upon request, it is possible to organize private visits and tastings of historic vintages and/or large formats that are jealously guarded in the historical archives of the winery. Periodically, or upon reservation, mini tasting and in-depth tasting courses are held.

    Taste the Wines

    Tenuta La Palazza Drei Dona Notturno Predappio Romagna DOC2017

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