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Discover Beautiful Modena

“I believe that our lives are deeply linked to the territory in which we grew up, in which we form our identity, these years are fundamental. This is what makes our experiences and stories truly unique “- Stefania Fregni, blogger at My Modena Diary

Modena is my city, it is where I was born and raised. It is the place that shaped me and allowed me to enjoy the typical way of life of the Emilia area: good food, good music and strong traditions. I am convinced that in my veins flows, Lambrusco, the sparkling red that drives the world crazy, and that my DNA is imprinted with a tortellino, the traditional dish of Modena and Emilia. Obviously this is a metaphor , but it demonstrates ​​how the character of a territory can have such an immense impact on a person!

Dynamic, energetic and friendly, Modena is a city that has a lot to offer! It is a place full of traditions, art and love for good food: it is home to delicacies of all kinds, recognized the world over.

Modena is very diverse, visitors have countless options when they plan a visit to this beautiful city! It is a land of architectural and cultural heritage, just think of its historic center  with the famous Cathedral, the Ghirlandina tower and Piazza Grande, all declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

Modena is also known as the birthplace of some of Italy’s most influential figures including Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari, the legendary singer Luciano Pavarotti and the talented chef Massimo Bottura. Moreover, Modena is the land of unique flavors, home to some of Italy’s most famous gastronomic specialties, like our version “black gold”, the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Modena is a city to be discovered and “tasted” slowly. Walking through the streets of the town center, going to the market in the morning, entering its historical shops, sitting at a café table and ordering the typical “Modenese” breakfast, which is gnocco fritto dipped in a steaming cappuccino.

“Friendly, genuine and authentic, I think my city is the perfect place to visit and live!”

It is difficult to tell you in a few phrases why to come here and what to see if you want to have an authentic experience, because there are so many things that I would like to say!

It is impossible not to mention what Modena is most famous for; its gastronomy! A tasty stop in one of the typical restaurants or at least a quick taste of local street food is a must when visiting the city. I recommend to visit one of the traditional restaurants, Enzo, Aldina, Danilo or Ermes, where you can order “gnocco e tigelle” or a nice plate of tortellini. As for street food, a go-to is the historic Bar Schiavoni, near the Albinelli Market to eat one of their excellent sandwiches, such as one made with Cotechino , or stop in one of the different Crescenteries where you can taste excellent crescentine or tigelle, as we call them here.

Writing a few lines, however, is not enough for me, I would really like to have the opportunity to take you by the hand and accompany you to discover the beauty of Modena just as if you were my friends visiting the city.

I would love to tell you stories sitting comfortably at a table with of a good glass of Lambrusco. Getting to truly know Modena takes time, you need savour it and experience life in the city! For this I invite you to visit us as soon as possible!