Acetaia Malpighi SRL

Production of traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena DOP, balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP and flavoured condiments


The history of the Malpighi family began in 1850, when Pietro Malpighi, Massimo’s great-great-grandfather and today president of Acetaia Malpighi, passed on to his son Augusto a precious inheritance: the recipe to produce the true and genuine “Natural Vinegar”.

That precious recipe has passed from hand to hand for five generations, five generations united by passion, by respect for a strong tradition that for a long time has been conducted to the present day.

Pietro, then Augusto, Nonna Maria, Ermes (one of the founders of the Consortium and AED Master Taster) and today Massimo who presides over the family business.

Time has passed, spaces have multiplied and today we keep more than 3,000 barrels where the real Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP rests and matures slowly, a treasure that only those who know closely can carry in their hearts.


The range of Acetaia Malpighi products is innovative and original: it invites you to experiment and have fun in the kitchen, following your emotions and your imagination, with a single common thread: excellence.

A millenary culture that mixes with innovation, a centuries-old tradition that blends with the most advanced gastronomic research.

Production Zone

It is in Modena that Acetaia Malpighi has its roots.

And it is precisely in this city, where ars naturae and ars cultura merge, that the masterpiece takes place: the cooked grape must is transformed into an elixir that enchants all the senses.

In addition to the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP (the main production of the historic vinegar cellar), Acetaia Malpighi also produces a complete collection of products that must all be obtained from typical Modena grapes of the family farm “Tenuta del Cigno”, located on the outskirts of Modena.

Discover the specialties

Balsamic Vinegar

  • Tastings

    Tasting of balsamic vinegar in different types of aging, from 5 years to 25 years

  • Tastings

    Tasting with parmigiano reggiano, prosciutto crudo di parma dop paired with balsamic vinegar

  • Visit of the producer

    Tour of the production rooms with explanation in english and french

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