Garritano 1908

The company was founded in 1908 in old Cosenza, in Corso Telesio, founded by Pasquale Garritano, the first producer and processor of dried figs in the city.


For over 100 years they have been specializing in the processing of Fichi di Cosenza and are considered one of the top contributors to Calabrian agribusiness. Today they have reached the fifth family generation, and while they have maintained their family traditions, they have also added innovations with the processing of chocolate and creating new products, both of which remain true to the territory.

Their secret is the quality product that comes only from the best local cultivations and the strictly manual processing, according to the ancient recipes jealously guarded and rigorously preserved. From generation to generation they wanted to leave the various processing stages of these highly prized DOP figs unchanged, such as sun drying, manual selection of the best product, sterilization without the addition of preservatives and the careful selection of all materials. All of this has allowed them to grow more and more and today, as a small artisan laboratory, they can offer a vast range of products ranging from traditional baked figs to stuffed and coated figs, to pralines, filled tablets, spreads, Easter eggs, chocolates and much more.

At their core is the strength of the family management. Together they oversee the product in all its phases, from its selection to the final presentation on the market, always meticulous. Today, they hope to transmit with their products the passion and the centuries-old artisan experience handed down by grandparents, in order to guarantee the genuineness that has always been the fundamental component of their production.

Figs of Cosenza

  • Traditional
  • Natural
  • With liquor
  • With chocolate

Home-made preserves



Candied citrus fruits





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