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Montasio DOP

Montasio cheese can only be produced in the provinces of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia and in the neighboring provinces of Eastern Veneto. Montasio is still produced according to its original recipe which dates back to the  18th century.

Fresh milk, whose origin is strictly controlled by the Protection Consortium, is brought to a temperature of 32-36 ° C for coagulation. The cheese curd is then broken into pieces the size of rice grains. After cooking at 42-48 ° C for about half an hour, Montasio is ready; the cheese mass is extracted from the whey with cheesecloths and placed in molds. The cheese in the molds are then pressed and turned over several times, to then pass into salting rooms and then to the aging rooms, for a period of a minimum of 2 months up to 24 months and longer.

Montasio DOP is recommended to be included in the diets of children and elderly people, because its minerals contribute to healthy growth in children and can help prevent osteoporosis in elderly people. Montasio is also naturally lactose-free thanks to its typical processing so it can be enjoyed by people with lactose allergies.  Monitoring activity carried out on fresh Montasio at 60 days of aging, performed through numerous laboratory analyzes, revealed a presence of lactose, more than 10 times lower than the limit set by Italian and EU legislation

Types of Monstasio Cheese

Fresh Montasio: Aged from 60 to 120 days

This cheese is straw-yellow and compact, the holes are homogeneous, and has a smooth rind. It has a soft and delicate taste, with milky notes suggesting fresh milk, yogurt, and cream.

Montasio Mezzano (semi-mature): Aged from 5 to 10 months

This cheese has a full and decisive flavour, with more advanced milky notes suggestive of melted butter.

Seasoned or Mature Montasio: Aged over 10 months
Pleasantly tasty, with fruity and vegetable scents with notes of dried fruit, hay, and meat broth.

Montasio Stravecchio (extra mature): Aged over 18 months
Refined and tasty, with hints of leather, meat broth, and exotic fruit. Excellent for grating.