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Interview with Consuelo Garzo, Ottobratica olive oil producer

“Seminara is a town of a few thousand inhabitants, in the province of Reggio Calabria between the Tyrrhenian coast (Costa Viola) and the slopes of Aspromonte.

Its landscape is characterized by the presence of majestic secular olive trees, the indigenous varieties are Ottobratica and Sinopolese which are distinguished from other species in the Mediterranean for their considerable size, with some trees exceeding twenty meters in height. These olive groves that are an integral part of the landscape can be considered real environmental monuments.

The care and preservation of these magnificent olive trees has always been the mission of my company, which I lead together with my two sisters. “Dolciterre” is the brand we have chosen to market our extra virgin olive oils, which we get from over 4,000 olive trees, managing the entire production chain on our own. Since 2007 above all we have undertaken a path aimed at preserving and defending our “old” olive trees through virtuous and sustainable agronomic practices obtaining excellent results in terms of plant productivity and high quality of our oil. We focus exclusively on the quality that for us means supporting the maximum expression of nature, giving the value that is missing today to the fruits of the earth; which also means being satisfied in obtaining less fruit but with the knowledge that what we produce is only what nature wanted to give us.

Being a land of oil, Seminara is the also the land of art, culture, history and nature. It is one of the most famous Calabrian centers for the production of artistic ceramics. It is a small treasure chest in which art treasures are kept that are not expected. There are four churches which preserve Renaissance works of art that testify to the historical and artistic importance that Seminara had in the sixteenth century, so much so that it is the town with the highest concentration of Renaissance works in Calabria. The territory of Seminara is ideal for lovers of uncontaminated nature and sea diving. Among rural landscapes and centuries-old trees it is possible to stop and taste genuine products or  renting a boat from the nearby seaside resorts, you can push yourself up to the rocky coast of Seminara and dive among its crystal-clear waters”.