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Interview with the two women who run the best winery in the world

We land in Tuscany, where the Marchesi Antinori winery – a prestigious brand of the Bolgheri and Sassicaia appellation – wins the first place in The World’s Most Admired Wine Brand 2023 ranking. Recognized as the best wine brand internationally, based on criteria such as quality, consistency, value for money, and brand strength. Albiera Antinori, president of Marchesi Antinori since 2016, and Priscilla Incisa Della Rocchetta, vice president, tell us their point of view.

Your family has been dedicated to wine production for many years and has always managed this activity directly. How much does the baton gathered from such an important tradition weigh? Do you have a memory to which you are particularly attached?


Our family has its roots in wine production for over six centuries, a long tradition that has never kept us from always looking ahead with curiosity and foresight. Regarding to the generational transition, for our family it has always been something very natural that we have never experienced as a burden. Each of us grew up knowing that we must look after and improve what we would receive by the previous generation, so that we could pass it on to the next one in the best way. Now there are three generations who work in the winery helping each other, in a constant exchange that is the lifeblood in a profession like ours.


We are a team with heterogeneous skills and passions and very attached to this territory. And from now on, we are also passing down to our children the importance of committing ourselves to the preservation and development of this heritage. The memories would be many, but I would like to add a consideration. Looking back, to a remote past (that of the Second World War) and to a more recent one (which has faced and is still facing the critical issues related to the pandemic and post-pandemic period), we can say that even at this juncture, the commitment and attachment to the land have been our real strength.

Do you believe that the combination of product quality, sensitivity, generosity and attention of women to promote the beauty of the context has affected the promotion of the wine sector and the territory growth?


Bolgheri is a unique territory and is getting recognition because of different factors. First, the wine quality, which goes at the same pace as the cohesion and the common aims of the producers, whose team spirit has led this small wine territory to excel nationally and internationally together with the most important suitable areas of the world in a relatively short period of time. Regarding to the female aspect, we must start from the fact that women can do exactly the same things that men can do, perhaps women can do them with more attention to the details and, generally, with more balance because they are oriented to achieve harmony in everything. This may have contributed to the growth and promotion of this wonderful territory, but I cannot say how much.

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