Tyrrhenian Coast

Tyrrhenian Coast

The Tyrrhenian Coast, a cultural and relaxing itinerary during which we will be fascinated in learning the history, myths and legends related to this territory, such as the legend of Hercules who stood on the Coast of Gods and made Tropea one of his ports. All while enjoying the special sea breeze coming from the Coast of the Gods and from the Riviera dei Cedri where cedar lovers go every year from all over the world to try to grab the most beautiful piece, and obviously all accompanied by enogastronomic experiences with an excellent cuisine and unique excursions with breathtaking views.


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Important Notes

  • The city of Pizzo Calabro, as well as Santa Maria del Cedro, are cities suitable for group of adults, families, couples, retirees, but not very suitable for young people who love nightlife, as there are not many clubs in the city, but there are various bars and restaurants that work at night.
  • For this tour we have selected hotels accessible for people with reduced mobility considering that there is the presence of an elevator and upon request rooms for people with handicaps.  On the other hand, if you prefer to stay in Pizzo city center, being a very old village, almost all the rooms are located in historic buildings and noble palaces in the old town and near the main square, some of them may be accessible only with a few flights of stairs.  If this presents a problem, we can offer alternative solution at our “disabled access” facilities just outside the center (less than less than 7 minute drive from the city center) from where there are scheduled departures to reach the center on board a bus or minivan.
  • During the stay in Pizzo, if you opt to stay in the city center the group could be divided between two or more hotels/aparthotels but within a maximum radius of 100 meters.
  • The photos of the structures published in this document are just an example of some of our rooms, this means that the overnight stay in the facilities shown in the picture is not guaranteed.
  • During the first days in Pizzo, an Italian breakfast will be served (Cappucino, coffee, croissant and various juices), while in Cosenza and in Santa Maria del Cedro the breakfast is continental. By paying an extra charge you can also have a continental breakfast in Pizzo (it consist of an Italian breakfast plus an assortment of salami and cheeses, but not hot dishes).
  • Some of our hotels/villas/villages just outside Pizzo offer a continental breakfast with hot dishes on request without additional costs.
  • This tour is available from 14/05/2020 to 30/06/2020 and from 06/09/2020 to 11/10/2020. Due to the high temperatures characteristic of this zone, during this time you can swim in the sea and you can easily enjoy the holiday at 360° being out of the high season and therefore little uncrowded environments but at the same time presenting a mild and very pleasant climate.
  • Boat trips are subject to change based on weather and sea conditions.
  • Water on board the bus is included.


Arrival at the airport of Lamezia Terme. At the arrivals hall we will find our local tour leader who will lead us by private transfer to the city of Cosenza (img.1), founded by the Bruzi in the fourth century BC, is located on the seven hills in the valley of the River Crati, since 2008 it is recognized as “City of Art”. The ancient part of the city, better known as “Cosenza Vecchia“, Old Cosenza reflects the conformation of the ancient hill centers and is characterized by narrow and winding alleys along which small buildings and elegant palaces rise up.

Inside the main avenue of the city, Corso Mazzini (img.2), nicknamed by many travelers as a small Broadway, stands the MAB, an open-air art gallery that houses priceless works. Once arrived check-in into the 4* hotel in the city center.

In the evening you will enjoy a welcome dinner featuring local products (first courses such as “Pasta e patate ara tijeddra“, pasta and baked potatoes, a typical dish from Cosenza prepared with: penne a candela, potatoes, tomato sauce, grated parmesan, garlic, oregano and salt. Second courses such as “vruacculi i rapa e sazizza“, green branchy Calabrian turnips, typical of the province of Cosenza, served with sausage. As dessert we may taste the “Pitta ‘Mpigliata“, is composed of a thin puff pastry filled with walnuts, almonds, raisins, honey, and twisted on itself to form a cake. It takes its characteristic name from the fact that once twisted, the dessert is tied with a string to keep it in shape during baking).

Overnight in a 4* hotel in the center of Cosenza.

  • Dinner



Breakfast at the hotel. At the hall we will find our local tour leader and a local guide and we take a tour of the city including a visit to the Swabian Castle, dated 937 AD, located on one of the seven hills of the city at 383 meters above sea level. Free time at disposal to spend at your leisure in the city. Lunch on your own.

In the afternoon we move by private transfer to Pizzo Calabro City Center (img.3), better known as the “Città del Gelato”, the City of Ice-cream. It is a coastal village that rises 44 meters overhanging the sea, starting from the north is the first village of the enchanting Costa degli Dei, in English Coast of the Gods, that starts precisely in Pizzo and ends in Nicotera.

The old town is characterized by a dense net of alleys, it is very easy to come across one of the many typical restaurants of the place and be so overwhelmed by the flavors of Calabrian specialties appreciating the suggestive lights of the sunset. Check in at the hotel/aparthotel in the hearth of the city. If time permits, depending on the arrival, we can go to the beach and have at disposal beach loungers and umbrellas (in a beach club or in a public beach, it depends on the period).

In the evening you will enjoy a dinner featuring local products in the hotel or in a traditional restaurant of the city, 200 meters away from the hotel/aparthotel (first courses such us “Fileja”, typical Calabrian pasta, is home-made with the typical Calabrian ferretto used to make stockings (u ‘f’rzuh’), it is served with tomato sauce and grated “Pecorino del Monte Poro“. Second courses such us “surici fritti“, which are pearly razor fishes typical of this area of Italy, that are fried, generally in olive oil, after being breaded. As dessert the “Pittapìa” or “Pittipìj”, which consists of a short pastry made in the shape of a star and filled with grape jam, cinnamon, pine nuts and much more).

Overnight in a 3*/4* in a aparthotel in the center or in a Club village hotel seven minutes drive from Pizzo Calabro.

  • Breakfast and dinner



Breakfast at the Club village hotel or in aparthotel. The morning begins with a guided visit of the city with a professional English or French speaking guide. The main sites of the visit will be the Old Town (img.4), Murat Castle (img.5) and Piedigrotta Church (img.6). At the end of the visit we move to the oldest ice-cream parlour of the city where we will take a class on how the famous Tartufo di Pizzo (img.7) is made, it is a very delicious ice-cream exported and reproduced all over the world. Once the demonstration is over we will then be able to enjoy the tartufo.

Late in the morning we move to Spilinga (img.8), town famous for the production of ‘nduja, typical Calabrian spicy salami (img.9). Here we will visit a farmhouse, “Salumificio Livasì” (img.10) where we take part into an experiential enogastronomic tour tasting Calabrian salami, pasta with ‘nduja, meat, local cheese, Tropea red onion jam, local wine, during the lunch we can enjoy an amazing breathtaking view on the coast.

After lunch free time to spend at your leisure, beach loungers and umbrellas will be available (in a beach club or in a public beach, it depends on the period).

Dinner on your own.

Overnight in a 3*/4* in a aparthotel in the center or in a Club village hotel seven minutes drive from Pizzo Calabro.

  • Breakfast, tasting and lunch



Breakfast at the Club village hotel or in aparthotel. In the morning we move by private transfer to Tropea (img.11), also known as the Pearl of Calabria, stands on a promontory between the Gulf of Gioia and Sant ‘Eufemia, is famous for its crystal clear sea and white sandy beaches. The city of Tropea, as well as a seaside resort, is above all a historic city. In fact an ancient legend tells that the founder of Tropea was Hercules who passed and stopped on the Coast of the Gods while returning from Spain. Here we enjoy a guided visit with a professional English or French speaking guide. The main site of the visit will be the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’ Isola (img.12) and the old town (img.13). Lunch on your own.

In the early afternoon we move to the port of Tropea (or Vibo Valentia) where we will take a boat to reach Stromboli Island (img.14). Guide tour of Stromboli with an English or French speaking guide, afterwards free time to explore the city on your own, visit the village of San Vincenzo, go shopping, swim or walk on the famous black beaches of volcanic sand. We stop at Stromboli about 3 ½ hours.

Dinner on your own.

At 19:30 we embark again and circumnavigate Stromboli to admire the famous “Sciara del Fuoco” active lava (img.15). Return to the port of Tropea (or Vibo Valentia).

Dinner on your own.

Overnight in a 3*/4* in a aparthotel in the center or in a Club village hotel seven minutes drive from Pizzo Calabro.

  • Breakfast



Breakfast at the Club village hotel or in aparthotel. In the morning we move by private transfer to the port of Vibo Valentia from where we take a boat discovering the Coast of the Gods (img.176), famous for its beautiful beaches and clear waters. During the tour you can snorkel and swim in the crystal clear water of the coast or just relax while you get to know the famous coastline which offers unforgettable sensations and foto-subjects on board of a nice wooden boat and enjoying an aperitif (on request is it possible to have lunch on board).

In the early afternoon we return to Club village hotel or aparthotel in Pizzo, then we have a little time to spend at your leisure and regain your strength. Late in the afternoon we move to a winery, “Cantine Benvenuto” (img.17) where Zibibbo Wine is produced. Once arrived an English or French speaking winemaker will guide us to the vineyard and inside the winery explaining all the various phases involved in the production of wine. Then we will have a wine tasting, accompanied by local products such us local cheese and local salami, while enjoying an amazing breathtaking view on the coast waiting for the sunset.

After this you will have free time to enjoy dinner on your own.

Overnight in a 3*/4* in a aparthotel in the center or in a Club village hotel seven minutes drive from Pizzo Calabro.

  • Breakfast, tasting



Breakfast at the Club village hotel or in aparthotel. Free morning, at disposal beach loungers and umbrellas (in a beach club or in a public beach, it depends on the period) or you can simply enjoy the city at your leisure.

Lunch on your own.

Early in the afternoon we move by private transfer to the “Grotta del Romito” (img.18) in English “Romito’s Cave” is a site dating back to the Upper Paleolithic containing one of the oldest evidence of prehistoric art in Europe. It was inhabited at least 20,000 years ago. Outside there are some rock engravings, among which the most important is a graffiti depicting two bovids (Bos primigenius), and traces of ancient burials, dating back to 9,200 years ago. Guided visit of the site with a professional English or French speaking guide.

Afterward we move to Santa Maria del Cedro. The city is situated in the upper Tyrrhenian area of Cosenza in a splendid stretch of Calabrian territory that includes mountainous areas immediately behind the coast, initially called Santa Maria and only in 1968 took the final name of Santa Maria del Cedro for its abundant cultivation of cedars that covers the green area with extensive cedars.

Once arrived check-in into the hotel. Beach loungers and umbrellas will be available (in a beach club or in a public beach, it depends on the period).

In the evening dinner featuring local products (first courses such as “Lagane e ciciari”, a dish with ancient origins, lagane are among the very first types of pasta that can be found in ancient texts. Very similar to tagliatelle, they are however mixed with only two elements: flour and water, seasoned with garlic and chilli, they are then enriched with boiled chickpeas. Second courses such us “Mulingiane chjine aru sucu” which are Calabrian stuffed aubergines with sauce. For the filling, minced meat, local pecorino, bread crumbs rested for one or two days and tomato sauce is used. As dessert “Le Chiacchiere”, a typical carnival dessert in Calabria, is a very crumbly dessert, it is obtained by thinly pulling a simple mixture of eggs, lard, sugar, muscat wine or grappa, lemon peel, olive oil and a pinch of salt and then fried and sprinkled with icing sugar for the final touch).

Overnight in 3/4 * Hotel Club Village in Marina di Santa Maria del Cedro (img.20), on the seaside.

  • Breakfast, dinner



Breakfast at the hotel Club Village. In the morning we take a tour by boat of the “Riviera dei Cedri”. During the three-hour boat trip, we will visit the Dino Island (img.20), the largest of the two Calabrian islands on the Tyrrhenian Sea, we will enter the “Grotta azzura”, in English “Light blue Cave” so named for its particular waters and the “Grotta del Leone”, in English “Lion’s Cave” with its unexpected guardian. We will skirt the pediment of the island, western part of the same.

Moving to the north side of the island we will see numerous inlets among which the striking Grotta del Monaco will stand out where you can admire what over time the water has been able to impress in the rock; All of this topped by a thick vegetation made of holm oaks, myrtle, small dwarf palms and graceful palinurous primroses.

The navigation continues towards the coast of San Nicola Arcella so that you can admire the Arcomagno (img.21), a popular destination for its majestic arch that frames a fairytale bay, the natural harbor of San Nicola Arcella, Torre Crawford, named in honor of the writer Francis Marion Crawford who chose it in his long stays and Torre Dino, the bay of “Zuongolo”, the “ear of Francidormo”, Punta Dino and the bay of Carpino, the border between San Nicola Arcella and Scalea. 45-minute stop in the Saraceno bay.

For lunch we move by private transfer to Aieta (img.22), a small town of 802 inhabitants located within the Cosenza area of the Pollino National Park. The historic center, located at 524 meters above sea level is dominated by a very rare Renaissance style in Calabria and is home to churches and palaces of considerable historical interest so as to fall within the prestigious club of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”.

It is placed under the rocks where the eagle nested, which in the name and coat of arms evokes Greek roots (its name derives precisely from “aetos”, which in Greek means eagle) the center is characterized by a cluster of houses with red roofs set one against the other and surrounded by narrow alleys, all immersed in a wooded green frame.

In the evening at sunset it seems to be in a magical place, the village turns into a real living crib. Once in town we move to a historic location (img.23) adjacent to the Renaissance Palace where a local lady will wait for us in the company of an experienced interpreter and we will take part in a cooking class on fresh pasta processing, such us “fileja”, “tagghiulini” or “maccarruni”, typical Calabrian pasta handmade with flour and water (if the group is large, the cooking class will take place at the farm holiday). Lunch in a farm holidays featuring local products.

After lunch guided visit of the city with a professional English or French speaking guide. In the afternoon we come back to the hotel Club Village, on the way back we will stop at a farm where they grow the cedar (img.24) and here we will pay a visit to the farm and they will explain all the various phases related to the processing of this precious fruit.

Free time to spend at your leisure, beach loungers and umbrellas will be available (in a beach club or in a public beach, it depends on the period).

In the evening dinner featuring local products (first courses such as “Pasta ca ‘muddica e alici“, pasta with breadcrumbs and anchovies usually consisting of spaghetti seasoned with anchovies and oil bound by a handful of grated and toasted bread. Second courses such as “Baccalà alla cosentina”, stockfish prepared with potatoes, black olives, peppers, tomato sauce, bay leaves, parsley, salt and pepper. As dessert a sherbet with local cedars).

Overnight in 3/4 * Hotel Club Village in Marina di Santa Maria del Cedro, on the seaside.

  • Breakfast, cooking class, lunch, dinner



Breakfast at the hotel Club Village. In the morning private transfer to the airport.

  • Breakfast

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