Cantina del Castello

Cantina del Castello is a small company, that has its roots in the history of the territory of which it is the daughter and heiress. The wine produced reflects the characteristics of the terroir which gives it life and perpetuates a tradition which, from the 1960s to today, continues to live and evolve.

The Carlesso family has been involved in the Soavese wine sector for four generations. Maternal great-grandfather Perezzan Enrico, at the beginning of the 20th century, was a pioneer in the fight against phylloxera by creating experimental vineyards in the locality of Pressoni.

The history of the building where the winery is located dates back to the 13th century. In this building, history and legend come together to create an enchanting and evocative place. In the basement of the building, now a tasting place, is the underground passage that once led to the castle of Soave: hence the name Cantina del Castello.

On the hills of the Soave Classico, Garganega and Trebbiano, the principaux cépages de la region, ont leurs racines dans le sol volcanique. De la taille à la récolte, a partnership long et silencieux se fait avec l’expérience et la main de l’homme. Le vignoble, d’une douzaine d’hectares sur la commune de Pressoni, is soigné et suivi à travers un travail minutieux qui privilégie les pratiques manuelles.

The winery has developed in a historical and cultural context extremely linked to the history of the city. Historical evidence and engravings found in the walls of the building, testify to the strong and historical link of the winery with its territory. To date, the Cantina del Castello is the last to vinify Soave Classico grapes within the grounds of the Soave Castle.

The territory

The Soave Classico region, where the vineyards are located, has a volcanic conformation given by the ancient presence of volcanoes in the Eocene era. Climatically, the vines face south-east and are located at an altitude of 230m. These conditions mean that the vines benefit from the morning sun until the hottest hours, then benefit from excellent thermal amplitude at night which favors the development of aromas and perfumes.




  • Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG – Ripasso della Valpolicella DOC
  • White

  • Bianchi – Soave Classico Castello DOC – Soave Classico Pressoni DOC (Garganega, Trebbiano di Soave)
  • Sparkling Wines

  • Soave brut DOC (Garganega, Trebbiano di Soave) Soave DOC
  • Hotels

    The services available in the accommodation facility:
    • TV
    • Wifi
    • Air conditioning
    • Heating system
    • Parking
    • Parking and access to the structure reserved for the disabled
    • Smoking area
    • Pets allowed


    • Wine Festival (May in Soave)
    • Grape Festival (September in Soave)
    • Chocolate in celebration (October in Soave)

    Cultural, historical, archaeological heritage
    • Soave Castle – Possibility of visits based on the timetables found on the website

    • Tour 10 capitals – trekking on foot or by bike among the vineyards of the Soave Classico

    National or regional natural park
    • Lessinia Regional Natural Park


    • Lake Garda
    • Lido of Venice and Jesolo

    Horse riding
    • CountryHouseHorse riding school in Monteforte d’Alpone – possibility of on-site lessons or walks

    Thermal baths
    • Availability of spas in the localities of Sirmione (Terme di Catullo), Lazise (Terme di Colà) and Montegrotto (Abano terme).
    • Shades of Soave: a journey to discover the different variations of the indigenous Garganega grape variety with which Soave DOC is produced. The tasting includes: visit to the historic cellar, a glass of Soave Classico Castello, Soave Classico Pressoni and Recioto di Soave accompanied by a cheese tasting.
    • Verona Experience: a journey through flavors to fully immerse yourself in the Verona experience by tasting the typical wines of the region that include the two Valpolicella and Soave estates, two territories that are close but very different from each other. The tasting includes: a visit to the historic cellar, a glass of Soave Classico Castello, Ripasso della Valpolicella and Amarone della Valpolicella accompanied by a tasting of cheeses and cold cuts.
    • History and flavors of Soave: A day to discover Soave, one of the most evocative villages in Italy. The package includes: a visit to the historic center and the castle of Soave with a professional guide; lunch in one of the typical restaurants of the village of Soave with a menu including: aperitif, seasonal risotto, two glasses of assorted wine, sweet coffee and water; to finish, visit our cellar located in the heart
    • Conscious tasting: a tasting that will stimulate your senses. You will be the protagonist thanks to the experimentation of the aromas and flavors that will accompany the tasting of our wines. After visiting the cellar, we will look for and taste the typical aromas and scents of our wines and we will try to memorize them. Then, tasting our Soave classico Pressoni, Ripasso della Valpolicella and Recioto di Soave, we will put into practice the sensory experience that we had previously made to identify these aromas and flavors.

    Wine and food pairing / typical local products 
    • We organize on request reserved lunches or dinners during which a menu composed of traditional dishes accompanied by our wines is served.

    Cellar visit
    • The visit to the cellar, included in all our tastings, includes a visit to the winery, a visit to the historic cellar with a history of the territory and the history of the building, a visit to the new section, opening from May 2022 , with the barrel room and the amphorae room for refining wines.

    Tasting events
    • The winery organizes various events that take place indoors and outdoors during the summer periods. Events such as aperitifs and picnics in the vineyard and winter events such as tastings with crime are organized. To be always up to date, please check our website and social media pages.

    Participation in the harvest
    • During the harvest period, there is a harvest participation event which consists of a day spent in the splendid family home a stone’s throw from the center of Soave where the first vineyard of the property is located. The harvest is then followed by a refreshment and a tasting of our Soave Classico.

    Excursions to the wine area
    • Wine & Horse: A horseback ride through our vineyards in the Soave Classico Pressoni that ends with a visit and tasting in our cellar. A collaboration with the Country House Horse that will give you a unique experience from a different point of view. The tasting includes: a glass of Soave classico Brut, a glass of Soave Classico Castello, a glass of Recioto with local cheeses.
    • Wine & Bike: Electric bike tour with guide in the hills of Soave Classico from the winery to the Pressoni vineyard. This will be followed by a visit to the historic cellar and a tasting of 3 Soave Classico wines accompanied by local cheeses.

    Scheduled event
    • November 19, 2022 – Thanksgiving Tasting: Lunch in our historic cellar with a menu including entrees, turkey prepared according to a traditional American recipe, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy, gravy, currants and panettone. All accompanied by our Soave and Valpolicella wines.

    Taste the Wines

    Soave Classico Castello – Québec, SAQ

    Soave Classico Castello, Soave Classico Pressoni – Nova Scotia, NSLC

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