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Le Moire


The Le Moire winery’s vineyards are located approximately 400m above sea level on terraces that slope down toward the Savuto river. The winery is surrounded by lush forests which are essential as they help protect and promote the growth of Le Moire’s indigenous wines, which also allows the limited use of chemicals on the vines. Aided by geography, Le Moire safeguards the health of their vines and seeks to create a sense of harmony that intensifies and honours the local flavours of Calabrian wine. Given the position of the vineyards within the Savuto DOC appellation and Calabria IGT appellation, the sun’s exposure from the south-west slows down the maturity and ripening of the grapes which allows for a lighter wine when compared to other typical southern wines. Le Moire’s wines are made from hand-picked grapes which are carefully selected, softly pressed and left to ferment at a controlled temperature to preserve the typicality and fragrance of the fully-ripened fruit.

Le Moire’s wines are made from almost exclusively native vines which are cultivated on their estate, these grape varieties include; Magliocco, Dolce, Greco Nero, Mantonico and Pecorello. Le Moire’s vineyards, which are located in the eastern ridge of the Savuto valley, are near the historic Annibale bridge, one of the oldest and most beautiful in Europe.

Today the Le Moire winery is run by Paolo Chirillo, who launched himself into the position with great love for the territory and its origins. Chirillo’s goal and his work is in showing that the Savuto valley can once again play an important role in regional and national viticulture as it once did during the ancient times, when Calabrian wines were gifted to Olympic champions, royalty and Popes.



  • Arvine
  • Greco Bianco
  • Greco Nero
  • Magliocco Canino
  • Magliocco Dolce
  • Mantonico
  • Pecorello
  • Sangiovese


  • “Annibale” Calabria IGT (Sangiovese, Magliocco Dolce)
  • “Mute” Savuto DOC (Magliocco Canino, Arvine, Greco Nero)


  • “Zaleuco” Savuto DOC (Mantonico, Pecorello, Greco Bianco)


  • “Shemale” Savuto DOC (Arvine, Magliocco, Greco Nero)


Le Moire S.R.L., Motta Santa Lucia, Province of Catanzaro, Italy

Le Moire S.R.L., Motta Santa Lucia, Province of Catanzaro, Italy