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Benefits of Owning a Wine Refrigerator

Benefits of Owning a Wine Refrigerator

Is your growing wine collection starting to clutter your refrigerator or pantry? Is a traditional wine cellar outside of your current budget? If so, consider investing in a wine fridge.

Why Get a Wine Cooler?

A reliable wine cooler will keep your bottles organized while storing them under the proper conditions. Before you purchase a wine fridge, consider your budget, your buying habits, and your space. Below we will explore some of the advantages of owning a wine cooler.

The Proper Environment for Wine

The best wine fridge for the long-term storage of wine will create an ideal environment. Wine is fragile by nature and sensitive to temperature fluctuations, UV light, lack of humidity, and vibrations. You may be wondering if you can just store your wine in your kitchen refrigerator. The short answer is no. Storing wine in the fridge is not ideal because the standard food refrigerator is far too cool and dry. Your wine will be subject to lots of unwanted movement as your family opens and closes the door to get their food and drink. Also, the food inside the refrigerator can begin to flavor the wine, particularly more pungent odors such as garlic or onion. A good wine refrigerator will store your bottles horizontally at a steady and cool temperature around 55◦F, have a dual-paned or filtered door that protects wine from UV exposure, and will operate quietly to prevent unwanted vibration. Many wine refrigerators are designed with multiple independent temperature zones so that you may store different varietals in their own designated zone or have one zone at serving temperature and one at storage temperature. In other words, having a dedicated space for your wine will allow it to age gracefully with ease.

Budget and Time Friendly

According to HomeAdvisor.com, the average homeowner will spend around $40,000 on a wine cellar or walk-in wine cave. While owning a wine cellar is certainly ideal, it is far outside of the budget for the average wine collector. A wine cellar is also a huge dedication of time and energy. Multiple specialists must be coordinated to achieve a final product and it can often take months or even up to a year to complete. A wine refrigerator can present the same results of a secure and cool home for your wine for a fraction of the cost and minimal effort. Wine fridges are now widely available online and from both big box and specialty retailer. Having your wine refrigerator is as easy ordering online and receiving the delivery.

Easy to Install

Wine fridges are designed for easy plug and go installation. Freestanding units with rear exhaust require little to no setup. Place the unit in a space where it can properly exhaust, a designated electrical outlet, and it will be ready for use. Built-in or under-counter wine refrigerators have a front exhaust which means they can be installed into existing cabinetry or underneath a counter or bar. Once they have been added to their space and plugged in, they are ready to go. Many wine refrigerators have reversible door swing or are available with right or left door hinge. This means that you can install multiple units side-by-side to create even more space for your growing wine collection.

Add Value to Your Home or Business

Wine refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your space. Wine refrigerators are available in all black, stainless trim, mirrored, solid door, panel ready, and more. Inside the wine fridge, racking styles range from wire, wood, wire with wood lip, stainless, and more. The door handle may be curved, recessed, or modern pole. The lights can range from a cool blue, warm amber, or even violet. The glass door on a wine refrigerator allows you to store wine securely while showcasing your collection.

If you are ready to organize and store your collection in a wine refrigerator, there are many benefits to your investment. A wine fridge will store wine in the ideal environment, costs much less than a traditional wine cellar, and are much easier to install. While they are budget-friendly, they still add a sense of luxury to any home or business.