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Prosecco DOC | A Versatile Wine Suitable for all Tastes and Flavours

Meet Samuele Ambrosi, the bartender and owner of the trendy Cloakroom Cocktail Lab bar located in Treviso.  We had the chance to speak to him and in our interview we discussed the versatility of Prosecco in cocktails and his beautiful city of Treviso.

What do you think are some of the best ingredients that can be used in combination with Prosecco in order to enhance its flavour?

Prosecco is very versatile so it can be combined in many ways, but due to its light characteristics, it can become very easy to mask its taste. To avoid this, my suggestion would be to combine it with fresh, in season fruits from the territory of Treviso. A good way to enhance the wine would be to soak aromatic herbs and fruit in the Prosecco overnight and leave it in the refrigerator, this way by the next day, you will obtain the perfect cocktail!

What are the most popular Prosecco cocktails for the North America consumer?

North America is huge and there are definitely some variety in the taste preferences. In my experience however I have notice that Americans, are curious and are willing to try different things and are open to enjoying typical Italian-style cocktails. We can also offer slight modifications to American cocktails such as Apple Martini, Manhattan or Cape Cod which can are all delicious when made with Prosecco. The Cosmopolitan,when topped with Prosecco is an absolutely perfect drink! Finally, another solution is to add Prosecco as a substitute to soda to a long summer drink such as a Cobbler, a Fizz or a Tom Collins

Every city in Italy is full of culinary specialties. What are some of the best combinations to enhance the dishes from Treviso cuisine?

Prosecco is a versatile wine, making it ideal to pair with almost all the typical recipes from Treviso. In our territory there are many dishes which are made using our famous radicchio which pairs very well with Prosecco especially when the radicchio is fried making it an ideal aperitif. Another interesting combination is to pair prosecco with local cheeses, in particular with Ubriaco which is a cow’s milk cheese that is soaked with red grapes for added flavour.

Can you recommend to our readers some “unknown” places to discover in your city for a foreign visitor?

The center of Treviso is unique and is a cultural and historic masterpiece. A tourist who visits Treviso for the first time must absolutely go to the Buranelli area, with its canals reminiscent of those of Venice, illuminated at night by lights that make them magical. I also love the fish market, which is a great place to stop for dinner and a drink.

Outside of the historical center of the city, I suggest a visit to the Molinetto della Croda, an ancient mill located along the Sile river in an area called the Restera which consist of vast untouched countryside. From a gastronomic point of view I would recommend trying “cicchetti”, which are small snacks served at bars, visitors should go to Hosteria dai Nanetti to try these, a place open since the 60s and is always crowded with locals. Another great destination for tasting authentic Treviso cuisine would be the restaurant Osteria Arman, which is in my opinion the best in the area.

Prosecco Cocktails

Here are two of Samele’s favourite Prosecco Cocktails:

Ambrosia Wine Cobbler (No. 63)

Prosecco DOC infused with:

  • Rosemary,
  • Sage,
  • Thyme,
  • Mint,
  • Star anise,
  • Pepper,
  • Lemon
  • Orange Peel

Bulldog Gin

Pour into a twist&sparkle, and make sure to keep it cool

Serve in a goblet or glass complete with ice cube and a fruit garnish

Top with soda or Ginger Beer

French 75 with Prosecco DOC (No. 71)

45ml RivoGin
15ml lemon juice
7.5ml sugar syrup
Prosecco DOC

Add a dash of absinthe, shake and serve in a flute glass

L’Isola della Pescheria

L’Isola della Pescheria is an island located in Treviso and has been a major historic landmark in the city since 1858. The island is home to the city’s fish market which was previously located in Piazza del Monte di Pietà but was moved due to the smell of the fish. It was at the time that the Isola della Pescheria was built by architect Francesco Bomben who combined 3 small natural islands in the Cagnan River and connected them to the mainland with an iron bridge. L’Isola della Perscheria is one of Treviso’s major landmarks and is surrounded by many wonderful buildings including Ca ‘dei Carraresi, an important museum in the city. Treviso’s fish market is still regularly held on the island till this day.