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6 culinary harmony with Prosecco DOC

Apart from its clear floral and white fruit aromas that are easy to detect for the consumer, the worldwide success of Prosecco DOC is also due to two essential factors when dining at the table: liveliness and smoothness. The first awakens the taste buds, the second bewitches them.

These two characteristics, the Prosecco DOC has them thanks to its fine bubbles and its categories of sugar. It is therefore easy to find greedy partners.

First harmony: the basic / the Chips !!

Yes ! Because crisps are fat and salt, therefore richness and acidity.
They are perfectly in line with Prosecco Doc, whether it is Brut, extra dry or dry, since in addition, you can play with the multiple flavors of the crisps that the brands offer you. Give it a try!

Second harmony: easy / cold meats and cheese

A nice platter of winter cold meats with dry sausage with hazelnuts, pepper salami, coppa, mortadella di Bologna, ham (cotto), varied prosciutto and capicollo, shared with a selection of cheeses, will be ideal. Why ? Always the same sensations of salt and spices versus the liveliness of the wine, the fat of the cold cuts versus the roundness of the effervescence of the wine. The fatter and spicier it is, the more the Dry category will lend itself to it. The more salty and drier, the more the Gross category will be preferred!

Third harmony: accessible / raclette or Savoyard fondue

We stay in the cheese, however, we melt it! And we dip in it bread, vegetables or fruit for the fondue. And we let it melt and au gratin in the mini pan for the raclette. Fat certainly, refreshed by the tension of Prosecco DOC and completed by the choice of its categories. Indeed, depending on the variety of cheeses selected, we will look at a Brut, an Extra-Dry or a Dry.

Fourth harmony: the convivial / pizza

Certainly, pizza seems more summery than wintery. We always imagine tasting a bit of it while walking down the street. Winter with the cold and the snow is trickier. Though. There are pizzas that you can match by covering them, just like us! An idea ? A cheese of your choice for the smooth coating, a few pieces of smoked bacon, a little caramelized onions – yes, I know, it’s starting to look like a flamkueche – but the little Italian touch is a few candied black olives and bleached rapinis! To try it is to adopt it direction Prosecco DOC BRUT

Fifth harmony: the delicate / cheese soufflé

For the soufflé, you will look at the multiple recipes on the net. Delicate to make, delicate to serve, because it must be ready to taste immediately. And here too, the choice of cheese is crucial for harmony with the grade of your Prosecco Doc!
The three types of sugar will be fine, however, if a goat cheese goes through this, go for Brut instead and if a strong enough cheese is chosen, a Dry will give it a hand. In the classic case of Cheddar or Emmental soufflé, go for Extra Dry.

Sixth harmony: the original / the asparagus gratin

Asparagus because the Veneto is the queen, so we combine them with Prosecco DOC.
A little potatoes, a nice béchamel sauce, a little ham and a layer of asparagus, all au gratin with your favorite cheese. It makes you hungry, right? So, I also make you thirsty and guide you to a Prosecco Extra-Dry! Success guaranteed!

About Prosecco DOC

Prosecco DOC wines come in Spumante (sparkling), Frizzante (semi-sparkling) and Tranquillo (still) varieties. The wines are made from mainly the Glera grape, native to North East Italy for thousands of years, and can be combined with a maximum of 15% of the following grapes: Verdiso, Bianchetta Trevigiana, Perera, Glera lunga, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Nero. Prosecco Frizzante and Spumante varieties get their famous bubbles using the Martinotti/Charmat Secondary Fermentation production method, bottled under high pressure after natural fermentation in bulk tanks called autoclaves. The end result is a brilliant straw yellow wine with fine, persistent perlage and aromas of white flowers, apple and pear. It is fresh and elegant on the palate with moderate alcoholic strength.

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