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The history of Lambrusco dates back to antiquity and has been spoken of throughout time by some of the most famous poets and writers of the classical age (Virgil, Cato, Varrone, Pliny the Elder), who in their works describe a "Labrusca vitis", which was a wild vine producing sour fruits that used to grow on the edge of the countryside.

Lambrusco is a red wine that can be crisp or sparkling, it is characterized by its brilliant ruby red colour and should be served at 12-14 °C in order to fully capture its unique fragrances and taste. Lambrusco was born in Modena, in Emilia-Romagna, but is now known throughout Italy and the world.

Lambrusco expresses its vitality when it is first poured into a glass, the evanescent foam emanates a multitude of emotions in which you recognize the majestic beauty of the landscape from where it is grown.

The province of Modena is eponymous with Lambrusco: in the transparent exuberance of Lambrusco you can find the beauty of the territory, which can be found in the simple style of its Romanesque churches,its delectable local cuisine and in the elegant glamour of the sport cars Modena is known for.

There are several elements that show the importance of the wine culture in Modena. Modena is home to over 8,000 hectares of vineyards, the oldest winery in the Emilia-Romagna region and the the oldest winegrowers association in Italy (which recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary).

However, above all else, wine growing in Modena is best known by "Lambrusco DOC", or wines with Denomination of Controlled Origin. The “DOC” signifies several elements about the product, including; where it is produced, how it is processed and what are the characteristics and the peculiarities that differentiate it.

Overall, the designation is an act of loyalty and transparency towards the consumer, to ensure that they know the quality and origin of the product.

Regional Culinary Specialties

Introduction to the World of Lambrusco

Oenologist Sandro Cavicchioli breaks down the world of Lambrusco.

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The Production Process of Lambrusco

Learn about the intricacies of Lambrusco's production process.

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How to Best Serve and Pair Lambrusco DOC

Learn about the Modenese culinary classics that bring out the flavours and aromas of Lambrusco DOC.

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The Varieties of Lambrusco DOC

Learn about the different characteristics of Lambrusco's varietals with oenologist Sandro Cavicchioli.

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Tagliatelle al Prosciutto

The perfect recipe to pair with Lambrusco di Sorbara DOP

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Involtini di Verza

To be enjoyed with a glass of Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce DOC

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Tortelli Di Ricotta

To be paired with Lambrusco Grasparossa Castelvetro DOC

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Costine di Maiale in Umbido

Pairs well with a glass of Lambrusco di Modena DOC

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Arts & Culture

Discover Beautiful Modena

Blogger Stefania Fregni takes you on a tour through the birthplace of Lambrusco, the beautiful city of Modena.

Modena’s Historical Albinelli Market

Discover Modena's famous cuisine at the historical Albinelli Market with local blogger Stefania Fregni.

Must-See Museums in Modena

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The Monuments of Modena

Stefania Fregni takes you on a tour of a few of Modena's famous monuments which are certified UNESCO World Heritage Sites.