Azienda Agricola Fiorentino

Azienda Agricola Fiorentino was born out of a family passion for winemaking, where the production of delicious wines is made with love and respect for the process, the vineyards, and the land.

Azienda Agricola Fiorentino is a winery located in the small rural village of Paternopoli, at the center of Taurasi DOCG appellation in the province of Campania. The winery was built out of a strong family tradition over 100 years in the making, when in 1914, the patriarch of the family, Luigi Fiorentino, left Italy to find work in the United States. After years of working, he accomplished his dream and bought land in his home country of Italy today; on that same land, his descendants are running the Fiorentino Winery.

The Fiorentino Winery is specialized in the cultivation of the Aglianico grape, a variety indigenous to the area and the Taurasi DOCG wine appellation. Fiorentino is committed to embracing the local land surrounding it and producing a wine indicative of the area, the cultivation of the Aglianico grape is done out of respect for the land and out of family traditions in the area.

Fiorentino Wines made with the Aglianico variety have a distinctly rich and smokey taste thanks in large part to the volcanic earth of the region. The available wines are red and rosé and are all made using organic farming methods and hand-picked grapes to preserve the wine’s quality and protect the local landscape.

The vineyard produces around 15,000 bottles of wine per year: it is little and precisely because few are followed with care and love.

Why choose to grow Aglianico and Coda di Volpe grapes? It is a choice of consistency with their roots, with the historical vocation of the territory, the Fiorentino family tradition which has been passed down from generation to generation.




  • Taurasi DOCG (Aglianico)
  • Celsì, Irpinia DOC (Aglianico)
  • Rosé

  • Flavia, Irpinia DOC (Aglianico)
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    The territory is rich in ancient traditions, places to visit, from the Castle of Gesualdo to the Abbey of Goleto via the Mefite sung by Virgil in the Aeneid, and also typical products, a real source of flavors including those of Aprilatico broccoli from Paternopoli.

    • Museum

      Archeological Museum of Avellino – Avellino

    • Heritage and cultural attractions

      Sanctuary of the Madonna of Consolation of Paternopoli – Paternopoli

    • Park

      Monti Picentini Regional Park – Nusco

    • Architecture

      Aeclanum Archeological Park – Mirabella Eclano

    • Heritage and cultural attractions

      Castle of Gesualdo – Gesualdo

    The Fiorentino family loves to share the journey they undertake with their friends and clients: contact them to find out about their program of guided tours in the vineyards and in the cellar with tastings of their wines.

  • Wine Tasting The winery offers a reserved space for tastings, under the guidance of a sommelier.
  • Wine and food pairing The wines tasted are paired with typical local products, like cheese and high-quality charcuterie.
  • Old vintages tasting Several vintage wines are available, starting from 2012.
  • Barriques wine tasting It is possible to taste, in limited quantities, wines in barrels.
  • Oenology workshop Technical workshops are organized to provide all the information on wine production, from the vineyard to the cellar.
  • Discovery ride Mini excursions are organized to discover the territory of Paternopoli, its vineyards and its countryside.
  • Cellar visit The wine cellar is fully accessible: from the working area, to the wine cellar and the tasting room.
  • Vineyard visit All the vineyards of the estate can be visited: during the excursion, the different characteristics of the grape varieties are presented.
  • Wine tasting event On request, events can be organized during which it is possible to taste the estate’s products. In the wine-tasting area, painting and photography exhibitions are organized in order to make even more enjoyable the wine tasting.
  • Harvesting It is possible to attend the harvest of the grapes and participate in the traditional rite of pressing.
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