Podere Riosto

Podere Riosto is a unique piece of ancient history just outside Bologna.

The landscape is typical of the Apennine mountains (which run the length of the Italian peninsula). It is a rare pleasure walking through the hills where oaks and cypresses encircle vineyards and the famous Riosto ruins, witnessing the passage of centuries.

In 2008/2009, the winery owners created, together with their enologist Mariano Pancot, a new wine cellar with the latest technological equipment that allows them to transform white and red grapes into high-quality wines.
They set up a wine tasting hall on the upper floor for their many events throughout the year.

The ancient wine cellar of Villa Casalino was carefully restored and is now used by the Franceschini Galletti family for the wine ageing in oak barrels and to store the wine.

Villa Casalino is also used for wine tastings and also as a public selling point. The vineyards total around 40 acres (16 hectares).

Podere Riosto is located in the hills at the south of Bologna (Pianoro), 75 km from Florence and 16 km from Bologna city center. Podere Riosto, 350 m above sea level, benefits from great solar exposure, good ventilation, warm daytime and cool nights. Winters are cold with plenty of snowfall and summers are long and hot: the combination of these factors is key for great wines. The soil is composed of sand (50%), lime (25%) and clay (25%) and was created during the prehistoric age of Pliocene. At that time the sea moved into the Apennine basin leaving precious sediments. Podere Riosto is a unique piece of ancient history just outside Bologna: the landscape is typical of the Apennine mountains (which run the length of the Italian peninsula). The grapes DOC from Colli Bolognesi are: Pignoletto (6,17 hectares), Sauvignon (0,80 hectares), Chardonnay (1,46 hectares), Barbera (2,72 hectares), Cabernet (2,70 hectares), Merlot (1,34 hectares), Vite del Fantini (0,66 hectares)




  • Aquilante – Rosso IGT dell’Emilia
  • Barbera DOC Colli Bolognesi
  • Cabernet Sauvignon DOC Colli Bolognesi
  • Gaudio IGT dell’ Emilia
  • Grifone – Cabernet Sauvignon DOC Colli Bolognesi
  • Medoro – Merlot DOC Colli Bolognesi
  • Merlot DOC Colli Bolognesi
  • Vecchio Riosto
  • White

  • Chardonnay DOC Colli Bolognesi
  • Doraluce – Sauvignon Blanc DOC Colli Bolognesi
  • Pignoletto Frizzante DOC Colli Bolognesi
  • Pignoletto Superiore DOCG Colli Bolognesi
  • Stilla IGT Bianco dell’Emilia
  • Sparkling Wines

  • Barbera Frizzante DOC Colli Bolognesi
  • Riosto Spumante di Pignoletto DOC Colli Bolognesi (Charmat method)
  • Spumante Rosè For You Brut Metodo Charmat
  • Fortified Wines

  • Grappa di Pignoletto
  • The “I Calanchi di Riosto” farm house is the ideal location for your holidays, located in Pianoro in the countryside of the Bolognese Hills but not far away from Bologna City.

    Theyoffer cosy accommodation in carefully restored apartments, ideal for families and couples which want to relax from daily life in wide green space with stunning views on the Bolognese Hills, Riosto vineyards and the badlands Calanchi.


    • Low season (January to April, October, November) : 80€ / apartment per night
    • Mid-season (May to September) : 100€ / apartment per night
    • High season (during Fairs in Bologna) : 140€ / apartment per night

    “I Calanchi di Riosto” works in direct synergy with the wine farm “Podere Riosto”. Therefore they organize interesting wine tastings and guided tours through wine cellar and vineyards.

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