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Cantine Giraldi&Giraldi


The Cantine Giraldi & Giraldi Winery combines centuries-old family tradition with modern winemaking techniques to deliver exceptional quality wines.

The story of Cantine Giraldi & Giraldi Winery begins in 1622 when Domenico Giraldi bought a vast estate in the rolling picturesque Crati hills near the city of Rende. However, it wasn’t until 386 years later, when his descendants twins Alessandro and Pierfrancesco Giraldi took their passion for wine and viticulture and used the land that has remained in their family to create the Cantine Giraldi & Giraldi Winery in 2008.

Located at the heart of the the D.O.P Terre di Cosenza, a territory known for producing some of Calabria’s highest caliber wines. The estate is surrounded by lush vegetation and clay soil which,  when combined with its close proximity to the Mediterranean and its elevation, creates the perfect environment for growing grapes. There are three native varieties of grapes in the area; Magliocco, Greco Nero and Greco Bianco,  as well as prestigious international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay.



  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay
  • Greco Nero
  • Greco Bianco
  • Magliocco Canino


  • Donna Giuliana, IGT Calabria (Magliocco Canino, Greco Nero)


  • I Monaci, IGT Calabria (Magliocco Canino)
  • Don Onofrio, Terre di Cosenza DOC (Magliocco Canino, Cabernet Sauvignon)


  • Lissia, IGT Calabria (Greco bianco, Chardonnay)


Wine activities

Wine and food pairing

  • Wine and local food tasting in the tasting room.

Wine Tasting

Old vintages tasting

Barriques wine tasting


Cellar visit

Vineyard visit

Wine tasting event

Discovery ride


Civic Museum of Rende – Via R. de Bartolo, 1, Rende, 87036


Via Don Onofrio – 2, 87036 Rende / Nogiano, Calabria, Italy

Via Don Onofrio – 2, 87036 Rende / Nogiano, Calabria, Italy