Museum Island: Castelfranco Veneto | Asolo & Maser

Museum Island: Castelfranco Veneto | Asolo & Maser

Located in the North-East of Italy, in the Veneto Region, the province of Treviso is the guardian of excellences known throughout the world and of beautiful villages and cities rich in charm and history. A destination idea for all those wishing to immerse themselves in breathtaking landscapes, to explore beautiful cities with medieval charm and to be enchanted by the beauty of the Venetian Villas.


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The history of Castelfranco Veneto has ancient origins, its foundation dates to the 12th century, when the Municipality of Treviso felt the need to guard the border with the rival cities of Padua and Vicenza. The area where the city stands today was chosen to build a fortress city. The remains of what was once the ancient Castle are today the main feature of the city, which owes its name to them. Visitors, walking through its streets, will be able to admire its medieval taste and its ancient walls.

This wonderful city is also known for having given birth to one of the greatest painters of the Venetian School, Giorgione. Art lovers can follow in the footsteps of the great painter and admire one of his most famous works, the “Pala di Castelfranco” kept inside the Cathedral, and discover more about his life and his art by exploring the House of Giorgione, the museum dedicated to him.

After fully exploring the city and its wonders, visitors can enjoy a delicious lunch based on typical local specialties, in the magnificent setting of the Hotel Relais Villa Cornér della Regina. This marvelous Relais is inserted in the historical context of one of the beautiful Palladian Villas of the sixteenth century. Guests will be enchanted by the beauty of the large garden that embraces the structure, and will be won over by its unique charm, the result of the wise union between classic taste and modernity.

After a good refreshing lunch, visitors will be able to explore the beautiful Villa di Maser, the result of the collaboration of the great artists Andrea Palladio, Paolo Veronese and Alessandro Vittoria. Also known as Villa Barbaro, from the name of the family who commissioned it, it is one of the most spectacular examples of Venetian culture and style of the 16th century. Here guests can let themselves be guided on a journey through history through the artistic and architectural wonders of this timeless place.

With eyes still full of the beauty of art, visitors can continue their journey by arriving in Asolo, an ancient village situated on the top of the southernmost hills of the Venetian Prealps. Defined by the poet Carducci as the “City of a Thousand Horizons”, in this enchanted place visitors will be able to admire the beauty of its enchanting views and fall in love with its endless sunsets.

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