Azienda Vinicola Alfredo Bertolani

In 1920, the Azienda Vitivinicola Alfredo Bertolani was founded by Alfredo Bertolani, a grape broker who also helped with the actual construction of the winery.

With his knowledge of the territory around Scandiano and the best soils for grape growing, Alfredo brought wines of the highest quality to the table that were appreciated both in Emilia and Tuscany, with the assistance of his sons Vincenzo and Nemesio.

His motto was “simplicity, honesty and cleanliness,” and he collected orders by a shake of the hand, labelling Bertolani as a man of reliability and distinction. By the 1950s, Alfredo Bertolani was closely associated with the local grape Spergola, unique in its aromatic and convivial attitude. Thus the company became known as the “Casa del Vino Bianco,” producing 40% of the region’s local white wine.

After many years of hard work, perseverance and strong family ties, the fourth generation of the Bertolani family (Nicola, Andrea and Elena, together with the father Giancarlo) achieved their goal of opening up a new headquarters in 2008 in the heart of the Spergola territory. The new headquarters has allowed them to develop a total quality system. They can conduct a second fermentation process and review the overall production process to avoid oxidation of the wine at every stage, which is all done through computerized control.

Today, the Bertolani family collaborates with several companies worldwide and exports to the United States, Canada, China, Japan, and all over Europe to continue expanding the winery and extending the boundaries of Scandiano into the world.

The creation of a new head office was the opportunity to refine a global quality system which provides for the computerized control of the progress of the refermentation for the second fermentation and the total revision of the production processes in order to avoid oxidation. wine every step of the way. Everything is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 22000/2005 standard.




  • Rabesco Reggiano (Lambrusco) Lambrusco DOC
  • L’Angolo Dimenticato Colli di Scandiano e di Canossa DOC (Cabernet, Sauvignon Riserva)
  • Sparkling Wines

  • Rosso All’Antica Reggiano (Lambrusco) Lambrusco DOC
  • Lambrusco Oro Reggiano (Lambrusco) Lambrusco DOC
  • Reggiano Secco Reggiano (Lambrusco) Lambrusco DOC
  • Reggiano Amabile Reggiano (Lambrusco) Lambrusco DOC
  • Dolce Fiore Emilia IGT (Malbo Gentile, Salamino Lambrusco, Ancellotta)
  • Al Fred Emilia IGT (Lambrusco)
  • Granarossa Emilia IGT (Salamino Lambrusco, Grasparossa Lambrusco)
  • Artemis Colli di Scandiano e di Canossa DOC (Spergola)
  • Spergolino Colli di Scandiano e di Canossa DOC (Spergola)
  • Vincent Colli di Scandiano e di Canossa DOC (Spergola)
  • Scandiano Colli di Scandiano e di Canossa DOC (Spergola)
  • Malvasia Colli di Scandiano e di Canossa DOC (Malvasia)
  • Rosè Reggiano Lambrusco DOC (Lambrusco)
  • Rosso All’Antica Reggiano Lambrusco DOC (Salamino Lambrusco, Marani Lambrusco, Ancellotta)
  • Grasparossa Colli di Scandiano e di Canossa DOC (Grasparossa Lambrusco)
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    In the factory in via Pedemontana 10 are the company’s offices, suitable spaces for the aging of vintage wines both in bottles and in barrels, reception and reception areas for visitors and a wine trail. exhibition with old bottles and equipment that tells the story of the territory and the technological advance of the wine industry.

  • Wine Tasting
  • Oenology workshop
  • Wine and food pairing
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