Baglio di Pianetto

Located in Palermo’s countryside in the province of Noto, Baglio di Pianetto was founded by the Marzotto family over twenty years ago in an effort to create high-quality wines that blend tradition and innovation.

Such a balance relies on respect for natural resources and the optimization of the raw materials that form the unique character of each terroir. This awareness is at the root of the company’s lasting bond with the local environment and community.

To meet the high standards of its discerning and environmentally conscious clientele, Baglio di Pianetto’s has further improved its already environmentally sustainable production by converting its entire 160-hectare estate to organic farming. In full compliance with the current EU legislation on environmental sustainability, the installation of a third-generation solar power system provides the vineyard with renewable energy that cut down CO2 emissions by over 180 kg per year. Together with the optimization of water resources, these improvements are part of Baglio di Pianetto’s unwavering commitment to pair excellence in winemaking with respect for the environment.

Whites, reds, and more: discover the world of Baglio di Pianetto. Variety and quality, for all combinations and for every moment.




  • Shymer, IGT Sicilia (Merlot, Syrah)
  • Ramione, IGT Sicilia (Merlot, Nero d’Avola)
  • Cembali, IGT Sicilia (Nero d’Avola)
  • Carduni, IGT Sicilia (Petit Verdot)
  • Salici, IGT Sicilia (Merlot)
  • Agnus, Vino da Tavola
  • White

  • Ficiligno, IGT Sicilia (Insolia, Viognier)
  • The large living rooms, a cozy reading room and the luminous veranda overlooking the garden, allow everyone to find a comfortable setting suited to their needs.

    The rooms, each decorated in a unique way, overlook the vineyards, hills or look towards the olive trees of the estate.

    The “charming” rooms offer intimacy, while the “superior” ones, which are larger, also enjoy a private balcony or terrace, or direct access to the court of the Baglio.

    All rooms are equipped with air conditioning and heating, WiFi, minibar, safe.


    • Air-conditioning
    • Heating – in winter
    • Laundry
    • Parking
    • Pets allowed
    • Pool and spa
    • Television
    • WiFi


    Today Baglio di Pianetto has become a veritable hub for wine-tourism. The guided itineraries through the vineyards and cellars are an expression of the company’s dedicated artisanal care for its produce and wines. With the Agrirelais just a few miles from Palermo, wine lovers can enjoy a fully immersive experience where great wine, great food and great people come together.

    You will be welcomed directly into the heart of the company, to discover its vineyards and its cellar, with a path that will reveal the secrets hidden behind the wine production processes.

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