Serena Wines 1881

140 years of passion, tradition and innovation. Serena Wines 1881 as inspired since 1881 an identity of good wine and good life, made of special alchemies. They are successful entrepreneurs and worldwide ambassadors of wine made in Italy.

Serena Wines 1881 is located in the heart of the Prosecco region, a stone’s throw from Conegliano, to which it is closely linked, witness its historic residences dotting the gentle hills decorated by rows of vines that seem embroidered on the landscape.The business has always been run by the family, now by the fourth and fifth generations with Giorgio Serena and his son Luca Serena, today at the head of the company. The family can boast a tradition of over 100 years in the wine trade, a true passion for wine-making and a tenacious will in performing its daily duties. Over time, its observance of viticulture regulations has merged with innovation while never forgetting its strong roots in the Veneto region.

Witness to the strong ties to our region are the historic estates they possess in the Prosecco DOCG area, symbols of the family’s link with the hills around Conegliano.

  • Ville D’Arfanta: These 6 hectares of vineyard stand on the splendid slopes to the north-east of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, in the hamlet of Arfanta di Tarzo. The grapes from this estate are used for the prestigious Ville d’Arfanta line. Here there is also a stylishly renovated farmhouse, where we welcome our customers and guests.
  • Tenuta Ossi: The gentle hills just a few kilometres north of Conegliano host the ancient Tenuta Ossi, inherited by the Serena family from their uncle Edoardo Ossi, an established wine-maker. Eleven hectares of splendid vineyards, with old-standing vines and new terracing, surround the historic farmhouse that is an emblem of past architecture.
Sparkling and semi-sparkling DOCG, DOC, IGT and table wines, and a selection of still reds and whites from the Veneto region.
  • Sparkling: Prise de mousse by the Charmat method. Prosecco DOC, also available organic and DOCG, generic white and rosè sparkling.
  • Semi-sparkling: Vinified by the Charmat method. Prosecco DOC, Veneto IGT rosè, white and rosè sparkling.
  • White: Still Veneto IGT and white table wines.
  • Red: Veneto IGT and red table wines.

In 2019 the hills where Prosecco DOCG is produced became one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The Site includes all the hills where Vinicola Serena and its vineyards are located, as well as four hectares at Costa (Conegliano) and the Valdobbiadene estate.

This is an important acknowledgement that will bring value to a territory already well-known for the production of outstanding Prosecco DOCG, and welcome the many Italian and foreign tourists who will want to visit.


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