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Serena Wines 1881


Serena Wines: a story since 1881.

This is Serena Wines 1881 identity because good wine, such as life, is made of special alchemies: passion and perseverance to make the most of our work, pride to create our own story through innovative projects and high quality products, and vocation to share our own vision of the future.

The Serena family knows it very well: we have been real entrepreneurs and ambassadors of the enological ‘Made in Italy’ for more than 130 years.

The Serenas’ roots can be found in Venice, in the ‘Serenissima Repubblica’. There are traces of influential personalities belonging to this stock already in 1390, but it is only with Pietro Serena, in 1881, that he chose to focus on wine. He established his first wine in wooden kegs commerce in Crocetta Trevigiana.

The two following generations brilliantly realized that the distinctive value of their family business in the future would be based upon an innovative and passionate research of new solutions to preserve and carry their wine.

In particular, Adolfo Serena showed the two paths to follow in the future: he created new and important opportunities to grow and improve thanks to his idea to unite the commerce of wine in jugs with the wine in bottles market.

In 1967 Adolfo decided to build a new business structure in Susegana thanks to the positive results he got and the new perspectives that he wanted to pursue.

In the middle of the ‘70s, Adolfo’s two sons, Giorgio and Gerardo Serena became part of the family business: Giorgio with his knowledge in chemistry and Gerardo with his skills acquired in the economic field, created a special synergy that became an exceptional engine for innovative technologies, problem solving ability and a strategical view. The two brothers’ innovative skills focused on social-economic dynamics and on the Ho.Re.Ca consumption habits. In 1987 they developed a revolutionary idea: wine in steel kegs. It was not only a technical innovation but it also brought profits on the commercial side.

This is what the market was waiting for because it solved every technical problem related to oxidation and it perfectly adapted itself to every administrative and logistical need in relation with mass catering.

In the ‘90s and at the beginning of the new century, Giorgio and Gerardo Serena focused on improving the whole system on a technical level and they created different labels for wines in bottles. They added value to different qualities of wines that can be found in one of the best ‘Made in Italy’ area: Terra Serena, Ville d’Arfanta and Vigne Verdi were born.

The new performance skills and the commercial growth were exceptional and they required a new and important company headquarters in 2003: the Serenas chose to build it in Conegliano Veneto, which is in the middle of the Prosecco area. The Serenas undertook new strategical projects on an international level. The aims that they set were two: they wanted to strengthen a clear leadership through the takeover of new markets considering wine in kegs; and they wanted to create a new collection of labels, every single one of them with a unique personality and a different commercial target for the wine in bottles. In 2005, this international vision has brought to the purchase of a maison de champagne in Reims where the project ‘Champagne De Vilmont’ branded Serena Wines 1881 came alive.



Via Camillo Bianchi, 1 31015, Conegliano (TV) Italia

Via Camillo Bianchi, 1 31015, Conegliano (TV) Italia