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Piave DOP

Piave DOP is a cooked hard cheese obtained through the processing of cow’s milk which are born and raised in the cheese’s production area in the province of Belluno, in the northern region of Veneto.

Piave DOP has a cylindrical shape with a soft rind that grows harder and darker as it ages. The interior of the cheese is white, and darkens with age, it has a grainy and crumbly texture, with a characteristic layering in more mature cheeses. The cheese’s flavour is milky and sweet when it is fresh, which become more intense with ripening.

Fresh Piave DOP is ideal for melting and adding to a variety of local recipes, such as the traditional Belluno dish formai frit, which consists of fried cheese with polenta and kraut. Its mild, sweet and delicate taste can be paired with Zinfandel or a full-bodied red wine like Barolo DOCG and Valpolicella DOC.