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Spritz, the story of a trendy cocktail

Spritz is THE cocktail that defines the summer period. It is a clever blend of Prosecco DOC, soda or sparkling water and liqueur such as Campari, Cynar, Aperol or even Select a typically Venetian liqueur.

Usually served on ice with an orange quarter trim. The bitter liqueurs give this drink that characteristic orange colour, as well as its bitter orange taste.

The origins of the Spritz

A typical Italian cocktail recipe, the Spritz owes its name to the German word “Spritzen” which means “spray” or “splash”. Indeed, in the 19th century, when part of Veneto was controlled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Austrian soldiers added a “splash” of water or soda in their wine glasses, so that it more closely resembled the wines they were used to drinking. In the early 1900s, bitter liqueurs came into the mix. It was around 1990 that Prosecco DOC established itself as the preferred wine for this cocktail.

The world’s favourite aperitif

The Spritz is a cocktail with a universal taste, it is neither too sweet nor too bitter. The lightly sweet Prosecco DOC and bitter liquor balance perfectly to provide a refreshing, sparkling drink that pairs beautifully with almost any meal!

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