Planeta, Ulmo

Nestled at 400 metres above sea level, the vineyard was built in 1995 near the banks of Lake Arancio.

Opened in 1995 near the village of Sambuca di Sicilia, in Menfi, Ulmo was the first Planeta winery. Built near an ancient 16th-century baglio, or stone farmhouse, the winery overlooks its picturesque estate, also home to the Iter Vitis open-air museum dedicated to the history of Sicilian viticulture. Today the Planeta farmhouse is a meeting place for wine afficionados, and anyone wanting to truly experience the region’s land and history. Around the vineyard, La Segreta nature trail offers three possible walking paths through the countryside for visitors to discover its pristine wilderness and unique landscapes.

Nestled at 400 metres above sea level, the vineyard was built in 1995 near the banks of Lake Arancio, on an ancient riverbed whose slope and lime-rich chalky soil ensures perfect drainage and growing conditions for the vines. Indeed, with over 250 hectares of indigenous and international varieties of grapes carefully tailored to the specifics of each terroir, it is no surprise that Ulmo is still the reference for Planeta’s most renowned labels; wines like the company’s signature classic Planeta Chardonnay—a single-variety super cru that has become a symbol for the winemaking renaissance in Sicily—, or the world-famous Segreta Bianco and Rosso, named after the woods surrounding the estate.

The tendency towards innovation and modernity has never distanced the winery from any historic and traditional interpretation of wine. Patient and meticulous researches have always been directed to the past as much as to the future; on the one hand profoundly linked to the oldest Sicilian traditions of wine making with its heritage of indigenous varieties, and on the other an interest in those international grape vines which are best adapted to these territories, without neglecting the most vigorous and imaginative investigations into other varieties.




  • Plumbago Fiuli DOC
  • Sito dell’Ulmo IGT Sicilia
  • Maroccoli IGT Sicilia
  • White

  • IGT Sicilia (Chardonnay)
  • Alastro, Sicilia DOC (Fiano, Grecanico)
  • La Foresteria is the luxury Winery Resort of the Planeta Estate, offering a relaxing luxury escape in the heart of Sicily’s stunning coastal landscape.

    The resort, nestled among the vineyards, is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful holiday retreat, discover an island famous for its winemaking tradition, relax by the beach or treat yourself to the exciting flavours of Sicilian cuisine and the pleasures of authentic family hospitality.

    The 14 guest rooms are all perfectly appointed with private terraces and delightful sea views, each is named after one of the botanical herbs grown in the gardens at La Foresteria, inviting guests to immediately grasp the essence of a Sicilian holiday Planeta-style.

    Rich in warm, mediterranean atmosphere, each spacious guest room is styled and decorated according to a distinctive theme. Period furnishings and colour palettes are all different and all inspired by the natural tones of the earth: muted colourways on the walls, red and ocher in the geometrical patterns of the carpets, bright colour accents in the yellows and blues of Burgio and Caltagirone traditional ceramics.


    • Air-conditioning
    • Heating – in winter
    • Laundry
    • Parking
    • Pets allowed
    • Pool and spa
    • Smoking allowed
    • Television
    • WiFi


    Room prices including breakfast
    Type of room Low Middle High
    Double single use Classic 150 € 190 € 230 €
    Double Classic 180 € 220 € 260 €
    Double single use Superior 170 € 210 € 250 €
    Double Superior 200 € 240 € 280 €
    Double single use Deluxe 190 € 230 € 260 €
    Double Deluxe 200 € 260 € 290 €
    Child supplement (12 years and under) free free free
    Child supplement (6 up to 12 years) Superior/deluxe 50 € 50 € 50 €
    Cot supplement 10 € 10 € 10

    Can you imagine a better way to reconcile body and spirit than through the union of beauty and taste?

    Planeta offers an experience that involves and satisfies all senses in a scenario of unique beauty in which you can observe the rural art of dry lava stone walls and terraces part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

    Taste the Wines

    Planeta Plumbago 2018

    Alastro Planeta Sicilia 2020

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