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Wines of Alto Piemonte

There are three typical red wines in Alto Piemonte: Boca DOC, Ghemme DOCG and Gattinara DOC, all produced from Nebbiolo grape.

Boca DOC

Boca is a typical red wine from the region of Piemonte. With a ruby red colour with slight hints of garnet, a pleasant aroma and a dry aftertaste of granada and oak.

Only after 3 years of ageing can it consumed, including 2 years of aging in barrels of oak and chestnut. In 1969, it was recognized with the Italian branding of DOC (controlled denomination of origin), which certifies its quality and origin.

To truly savour its taste and aromas, we recommend using a glass with large opening, which allows good oxygenation of the wine.

Ghemme DOCG

Ghemme wine takes its name from the municipality of the same name in Piemonte, located at the top of the Novara hills. It is produced in the hilly area of ​​the municipalities of Ghemme and Romagnano Sesia. Ghemme wine takes at least 3 years to produce, 20 months of which in oak and 9 in the bottle.

the Ghemme DOCG appelatation area is located over 50 hectares of vineyards, which means 2,000 hectoliters of wine. The vineyards are located on a series of hills of which extend from the mouth of the Valsesia to the Novara plain.

Gattinara DOCG

Gattinara is a Piedmontese red wine whose production areas extend to part of the territory of the municipality of Gattinara, in the province of Vercelli. Like other prestigious Piedmontese wines, Gattinara is produced from Nebbiolo grapes.

The Gattinara DOCG is located on just under 95 hectares of vineyards, which means 4600 hectoliters of wine. Vines used for the production of this red wine are: Nebbiolo (locally called Spanna), but grapes from Vespolina vines for a maximum of 4% and / or Bonarda di Gattinara can also contribute to the production of this wine, as long as these vines as a whole do not exceed 10% of the wine.

This wine has an aging period of no less than three years, of which at least one year is in wooden barrels. The aging period begins on December 1st of the year of production of the grapes.