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Centred between Tuscany and Campania, the region of Lazio is often defined by its capital, Rome.

Discover – The Eternal City

Rome acts as a beacon, especially for first time tourists to Italy, into the madness and joy that is the country’s capital.  Tourists arriving in summer are often met with the incredible sights and sounds of the eternal city, feasting on the century’s old architecture while all the while being basked in a crescendo of car horns and cicadas.

Villa d’Este, in Tivoli, just outside of Rome acts as a great day trip for those looking to escape the sweltering heat of the Italian summer. Rich in history, the villa offers some of the best views of Rome as well as providing the opportunity to explore the villa’s incredible grounds.

Castelli Romani, a collection of hillside towns outside of Rome, acts both as summer getaway for Romans as well as a significant wine producing center for wines in the Lazio region. Visits to the area, not only allow for an escape from the multitude of tourists, but also give visitors a keen understanding of how the local geography and weather has impacted wine production in the Lazio region.

Visit – Roman history

While not often recognized in the same light as other regions of Italy in terms of its wine production, Lazio has over a dozen DOC wines, Denominazione di origine controllata (controlled designation of origin), indicating the quality and authenticity of the wine. Due to the weather and soil type in the region many of the wines in Lazio tend to be white, often characterized by their lighter nature and high acidity. Of note are the Castelli Romani, Frascati and Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone wines, each providing a great accompaniment to an end of day meal after having trekked through the Roman sun.

For the intrepid wine lover, it is even possible to find vineyards in the city limits of the ancient capital.

Taste - Roman Holiday

Outside of its capital city, Lazio offers many interesting destinations from which to see all that the region has to offer. Visits to the sea side town of Ostia give a more unfiltered look into the daily life of locals in the region while also allowing for a great sampling of the local seafood. The Vecchia Pineta, a seafood restaurant offering fantastic ocean views while serving locally caught fish, is just one of the many ways to experience this.

Those looking to pair their wine with a more local taste of the region can sample porchetta, a boneless roast pork, often had for Sunday lunch by Roman families. The dish while quite heavy in nature is often paired with a white wine from the region, in part to help add lightness to the meal and to give some much-needed respite to the marathon of eating that can take place during an Italian get together.


Flagship wine grapes

  • Aleatico
  • Bellone
  • Cesanese
  • Ciliegiolo
  • Malvasia bianca
  • Merlot
  • Montepulciano
  • Nero Buono
  • Sangiovese
  • Trebbiano

Flagship wine appellations

  • Aleatico di Gradoli DOC
  • Castelli Romani DOC
  • Cesanese del Piglio / Piglio DOCG
  • Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone DOC
  • Frascati Superiore DOCG
  • Velletri DOC


Wine-related activities in the region

  • Wine and food pairing
  • Wine Tasting
  • Discovery ride



Sermoneta: Historical Re-enactment of the Battle of Lepanto (October)


Velletri: Festival of St. Anthony Historical Parade and Jousting Tournament (January)

Genzano: Flower Carpets Pageant (June)

Bolsena: Flower Carpets Pageant (June)