Discover the historic Prosecco vineyards

A week dedicated to Prosecco, the King of Bubbles that is born, grows and is produced in a vast and eclectic area where the enogastronomic excellences of the territory are intertwined with the cultural, artistic and natural heritage creating a unique union.

Discover the historic Prosecco vineyards

A week dedicated to Prosecco, the King of Bubbles that is born, grows and is produced in a vast and eclectic area where the enogastronomic excellences of the territory are intertwined with the cultural, artistic and natural heritage creating a unique union.

The travel proposal, Discover the historic Prosecco vineyards, is simple and rich, allowing you to discover the small hidden gems of the territory passing through the most important points of interest in the world starting from Venice. Good wine and good food will be the “fil rouge” of this unforgettable experience.


920,00 € per person


Arrival in Treviso in the evening, dinner and overnight stay in the city center.

Treviso and Marca are known throughout the world for their technical excellence in making bicycles, great brands like Pinarello and Bianchi have their origins in these lands and to start exploring the many beauties of these places, the first day begins with a short bike ride.

The tour starts from the bicycle rental Andrea Lenzini Cicli, recently renovated and very welcoming for cyclists from all over the world, provides muscular bicycles and e-bikes, as well as a changing room with shower available for cyclists.

Properly equipped, you can enjoy a relaxing bike ride along the gentle banks of the Sile river. Immersed in nature and lulled by the flow of its waters, you will be able to admire architectural beauties such as the historic Venetian villas overlooking its shores.

Starting from the Tourist Information Office (IAT Treviso Centro), go and discover the hidden glimpses of Treviso, and rest with the inevitable tasting of the most famous dessert in the world, which boasts its origins in this beautiful city: the Tiramisu! The tasting will take place in the welcoming walls of one of the oldest taverns in the city, to enjoy the taste of tradition.


After a good night’s rest and a rich breakfast, let’s dedicate this day to discovering the most romantic city in the world … the Serenissima Venice! Let yourself be guided by your instincts and enjoy a calm walk through the narrow streets that branch off along the characteristic canals and allow access to all those picturesque and hidden views that make Venice so unique and spectacular.

Take a short break and stop for a sip of Prosecco DOC bubbles at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, guardian of the most refined world excellences! If time permits, climb up to its beautiful panoramic terrace and fall in love with the sun setting over the roofs of the city.


Walking or sailing at dusk, head to the charming area of Castello to taste the products of the Venetian and Friulian food and wine tradition, in one of the city’s historic venues. Return to Treviso in the evening.


Spend the day immersed in the crisp air of the green Prosecco hills between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, and experience the thrill of sleeping embraced by this unique landscape! Entering the heart of the historic production area of the famous wine with its unmistakable taste, you will discover all the secrets of its production.

Among the many Treviso realities that historically produce Prosecco DOC there is Villa Sandi, unique for its wine cellar, the Villa itself and the visionary ability to enhance the grapes that grow in our territory. After a lunch in the Locanda of the villa, enjoying typical and seasonal dishes in a refined context, a stop at the precious Osteria Senz’oste is a must, a place out of time where you can see the authenticity of the hospitality of our hills, living a original and very rare experience.


After a sweet awakening in the green hills, a 360 ° dairy experience awaits you at one of the most award-winning dairies in the Treviso area, known not only for the quality of the products, but also for the innovation in the field of education, for the multitude of projects realized, for the passion and care that is put into the dairy production.

A day to discover the secrets of cheese processing through activities for adults and children, clearly with guided tastings and in-depth information. Return to Treviso in the evening.


Starting again from Treviso, embark on an adventure along the Sile river! Climb up its waters and let yourself be lulled by nature. Enjoy a good aperitif on the boat, up to the splendid Venice Lagoon, to admire a romantic sunset over the city waters. Return to Treviso in the evening.


A few kilometers from Treviso, easily reachable by public transport, is the old town of Castelfranco Veneto, birthplace of the famous exponent of the Venetian School, Giorgione. The city still retains its medieval charm in every corner and preserves the works of the great artist! Visit its ancient cathedral to admire the famous “Pala di Castelfranco” and climb the ancient “Civic Tower” to admire the city from above. In the afternoon, jump on a train to reach the nearby Bassano del Grappa! After a walk in its ancient historical center, you can admire the beautiful Ponte Vecchio by Andrea Palladio, crossed by the flow of the Brenta river. After a good sip of local grappa, back come to Treviso in the evening.

DAY 9: Departure from Treviso

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