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Maltonauta Srl

Maltonauta is a Calabrian beer company located in Barricaia, in the center of Saracena.


Founded in 2017, thanks to the hard work and experience of Giuseppe Salvator Grosso Ciponte (homebrewer and qualified beer taster) and Marco Longo (experienced professional in the craft industry), the two were able to fulfill their passion of creating a successful business.

They call themselves a “craft brewery rent” with the goal of creating their own craft beers, using Giuseppe’s recipes and produced in the best Calabrian breweries.


  • Birra Savuco – Beer honed in barrels that have previously hosted the Vigna Savuco di Serracavallo.
  • At it, Bees! – Honey beer barricaded for 6 months in oak barrels.
  • Figarìa – Beer with grape must, barricaded for 7 months.

Beer Activities


  • Tastings of the company’s products in the cellar

Beer and Food pairing

  • Beer and food pairing held by Giuseppe Grosso Ciponte, sensory analyst and speaker
    for beer and wine.

Visit of producer

  • Visit of the beer manufacturing plant and tasting of products in a tasting room of

Guided tour

  • There are visits by groups that on Saturday mornings and/or Sundays with a route that starts from the factory of the company that hosts us, walk through the cellar and guided tasting of our products in tasting rooms.
  • A buffet of typical Calabrian products will be served.


Traversa A. Bandiera 30 87100 Cosenza, Calabria ITALIA

Traversa A. Bandiera 30 87100 Cosenza, Calabria ITALIA