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Antonino Tramontana, the late ancestor of the Calabrian Tramontana family, founded the Azienda Vinicola Tramontana over 120 years ago in the late 1800’s. His passion for creating authentic wine paired with his drive to reach his entrepreneurial goals, the Tramontana winery has only grown in success since its creation and continues to do so. In 1928, with the granting of the municipal license issued by the Podestà, the reins of the company passed to his son Vincenzo, who continued the work begun by his father, planting numerous vineyards, expanding the cellar and commencing the trade of bulk wines. In 1958 the company was inherited by the first son of Casa Tramontana, Antonino, who contributed to many notable innovations in the wine industry. In this period, they began renovations to the cellar and equipment rooms, as well as the first bottling of wines made with grapes from vineyards in Scilla, Costa Viola and Arghillà.

The respect for ancient traditions that are passed down from generation to generation is the cardinal principle that allows the company to occupy, not only in the Calabrian territory, a leading role in the field of winemaking. The result of this process is a high quality product that contains its essence in taste and authenticity. The entrepreneurial abilities of the current owners and the value of the wines of the Tramontana winery are a mark of trust for all those who want to rediscover the genuineness of the past in a glass of wine.

The company’s goal is the same today as it was 120 years ago: the constant, meticulous work in favor of quality wine, the research and experimentation of new agronomic techniques, and the preservation of family traditions and culture. Over the years the Tramontana Company has received important awards by participating in exclusive wine events reserved for quality productions and national and international competitions.

The company offers various wine tastings and tours of the vineyard as well as the opportunity to dine at their beautiful seaside restaurant with an exceptional view of the Strait of Messina upon reservation.



  • Alicante
  • Cabernet
  • Calabrese
  • Castiglione
  • Chardonnay
  • Greco Bianco
  • Merlot
  • Nocera


  • Duemiladodici Calabria IGT
  • 5 Generazioni Calabria IGT
  • I Due Mari Calabria IGT


  • 1890 Calabria IGT
  • To Crasi’ Calabria IGT
  • Pellaro Calabria IGT
  • Costa Viola Calabria IGT
  • Vorea Calabria IGT
  • Palizzi Calabria IGT
  • I Due Mari Calabria IGT


  • I Due Mari Calabria IGT


Via Casa Savoia, 156, 89135 Reggio Calabria, RC, Italy

Via Casa Savoia, 156, 89135 Reggio Calabria, RC, Italy