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Dell’Aera Winery

Within the beautiful and sunny land of Calabria, you will find the Dell’Aera family owned vineyards and orchards. Located in the municipality of Soveria Simeri (Catanzaro), at Grandane, the winery covers an area of about 49.7 acres, including well exposed hills that are home to vineyards and fertile plains devoted to the production of peaches and nectarines.


Dell’Aera Winery is a family-run business with an intense passion and love for wine making and the local environment which has been passed down over five generations. The company has focused on the transformation of the grapes, expertly produced, with the aim of enhancing the experience of more than a hundred years in the industry.

The winery is located in Calabria’s Grandane valley near the town of Soveria Simeri, which is a small rural community located 1,148 feet above sea level. It includes a little more than 1,700 inhabitants, united by a strong love of the land. The village, located in the center of the Gulf of Squillace, is 10 miles from Catanzaro, 7.2 miles from the Ionian coast and 12 miles from the Sila Mountains. This central location embodies the true essence of Calabria, with the ability to observe both the beautiful coastline and the unspoiled mountain landscapes from one view. Thanks to Dell’Aera winery’s location in the center of the Gulf of Squillace between the sea and the mountains, this allows together with the clay-limestone soil to obtain full-bodied wines with great aromatic freshness.

The company was born in the first half of the 1800s, and was passed along through generations within the Dell’Aera family. In the middle of the 1900s, the winery began to experiment and test out new production techniques of wines, and expanded their portfolio of wines. Currently run by Matteo Dell’Aera, Matteo is committed to continuing the Dell’Aera tradition of created high quality Calabrese wines.

The winery is committed to adapting to new winemaking technologies. Recently, the cellar was updated with state of the art machinery, and has been rigorously designed and implemented with full respect of the environment. In fact, all of the energy required to produce the wine is generated by solar power. The vineyards are spread over an area of ​​several acres located at an elevation of approximately 656 feet sea level. The majority of the vineyards are dedicated to native vines such as Gaglioppo and Nerello Calabrese for the Reds as well as Montonico and Pecorello for Whites. The Dell’Aera winery also planted to a lesser extent, national and international prestigious varieties. As a quality wine begins in the vineyard, the winery ensures that their vineyards are carefully designed so as to guarantee respect for each varietal and their different grapes climatic and soil requirements. This style of viniculture ensures a high quality and low number of grape clusters per vine. The nature of the soil, mostly clay-limestone, results in full bodied, balanced wines that produce a bouquet of fruity scents. The grapes are harvested according to ancient traditions and harvesting is done strictly by hand, but only after careful evaluation of the maturation of the grapes. Along with the vineyards, the winery also has 12.3 acres of orchards made up of peach and nectarine trees. These orchards make a beautiful sight during a mild spring when the trees bloom with soft pink flowers throughout the landscape.



  • Gaglioppo
  • Malvasia
  • Merlot
  • Nerello Calabrese


  • “Semirus” Calabria IGP (Gaglioppo)


  • “Krio” Calabria IGP (Nerello Calabrese, Merlot)
  • “Grandane” Calabria IGP (Nerello Calabrese)


  • “Kometes” Calabria IGP (Malvasia)


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Dell'Aera Vigneti & Cantina, Contrada Grandine, Soveria Simeri, Province of Catanzaro, Italy

Dell'Aera Vigneti & Cantina, Contrada Grandine, Soveria Simeri, Province of Catanzaro, Italy